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Ling Liu



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Agile Boston


Ling Liu started her Scrum journey in the fall of 2010 as part of American Student Assistance’s (ASA) new product development. Since then, she has played various scrum roles, including scrum team member, Product Owner and Scrum Master. Together with the scrum team, she delivered a multi-channel engagement business solution development with a strong performance-based track record of success.

She has hands-on experience with user story development and backlog development; organized sprint planning; facilitated and introduced various format and games to daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective; Developed quantitative measurement to improve sprint reporting and release planning. She has successfully integrated release management, product development, production support with scrum. 

On her road to becoming a seasoned Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), and getting ready to become Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP), she acquired many specialty skills that are bundled into the role of Scrum Master and Product Owner.  To list a few: facilitation, critical thinking, communication, team building, continuous development and improvement, change management, needs analysis, process development, test-driven development, root-cause analysis.

She joins local agile user group discussions and global scrum gathering; continue improving and learning via internet, books and communication with agile coaches; helping other Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and scrum team members with scrum related issues.

Ling holds a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the Brandies University and a M.Sc. in Biomedical Science from New York University. She has worked and gathered experience in companies like WebMD, Openwave systems, Eclipsys, and American Student Assistance. She is passionate for Agile and Scrum. She truly believes Agile can change the way we work achieving excellence levels of precision and performance.





Work experience

American Student Assistance,
November 2002 - Present, Boston, MA, US
I became a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) in January 2013. With my business solution architecture background and strength in technical product development, I started playing the role of Product Owner for the BPMS (Business Process Management System) technical debt backlog. The in-depth and real-world experience driven training with Jeff Sutherland helped me to own the technical debt backlog. I have attended training with the Product Owner from customer/business side as well, so we have been able to use same methodology and framework to manage Business Production backlog and Technical Product backlog, develop and hold the shared vison of the product:, building the best product to meet the customer’s needs! As Product Owner, I developed the technical vision for the BPMS; I developed a trusting, working relationship with technical leads in the different aspect of the product and architecture team of the company, working with them closely to develop technical backlogs, gaining agreement from the key stake holders. I am given authority by upper management to hold the technical authority of the technical backlog; I am continuously communicating the vision and priorities to the development team. I understand that as Product Owner, availability is important for the Scrum team success, and I make myself available to answer questions from the team even while traveling on business. Because Scrum values self-organization among teams, as a product expert, it’s sometimes hard for me to strike the right balance of involvement and availability. I think I am doing a much better job allowing the team to self-manage now compared with 2 years ago!

American Student Assistance,
November 2002 - Present, Boston, MA, US
I became a CSM at the end of September 2012, and started playing the role of Scrum Master for a 12 person Scrum team immediately. (Now the team is about 6 people, which is just the right size!). The comprehensive and real-world experience driven training with Jeff Sutherland helped me to step up from Scrum team member role to the Scrum Master role. I act as a facilitator for the Product Owner and the team. I work to remove any impediments that are obstructing the team from achieving its sprint goals. Ensuring that the team remains creative and productive is the key to a successful scrum team! My diverse background in business system analysis, development, database analysis, and quality assurance help me understand the issues that the team experiences, provide suggestions and ideas to keep moving forward. I work closely with the Product Owner. My long time institutional knowledge and connection with customers enables me to make sure that the Scrum team’s successes are visible to the Product Owner. I am also able to advise the Product Owner about how to maximize ROI for the team. I organize and participate in our Scrum of Scrums, coordinating with other scrum teams in feature availability and release schedule, helping to remove impediments. For the past 3 years, the scrum team has become a real self-organized the team, and has been recognized as a winning team in the organization with a track record of striving to meet customer needs and consistently improving and evolving itself!

American Student Assistance,
November 2002 - Present, Boston, Masschussetts, US
As part of building the new Education Debt Management System (EDMS), System analyst team, engineering team, QA team and business analyst’s team were reorganized as multiple scrum teams to work on new features. I was trained by Rally consultants and internal agile coach on Scrum methodology. I brought business solution architecture, system analysis, software development, and quality assurance experts to the Scrum team. I participated in scrum activities: product backlog estimation, sprint planning, daily scrum, scrum review and scrum retrospective. Collaboration and trust are key success factors for a scrum team member - I always made myself available whenever other team members had questions, picked up a variety of tasks, from business analysis, design, development, to testing that needed to be done. While we built and delivered the product to our customers and met their expectation together as a scrum team, I developed hands-on skills and understanding of the scrum process, and helped to train new scrum team members.


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