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Lynn Grant


Agile Coach, CA, Inc.

Location: Lisle, IL


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Lynn Grant

I have been in the IT business for four decades, and have done engineering programming, programming to control machine tools, mainframe systems programming, systems auditing, and commercial software development.

I spent close to 20 years in computer security. This included sheparding the CA-ACF2 mainframe security product through B1 and C2 evaluations with the National Computer Security Center, the branch of the National Security Agency that certified security software for government use. I was the lead developer on Examine/MVS, now known as CA Auditor, a ground-breaking screen-based tool that allowed auditors to perform mainframe system audits, without having to have systems-programmer-level knowledge of the operating system. Interestingly, this project, started in 1984, used a rapid-development methodology much akin to Scrumban.

I spent more than 15 years developing DB2 database tools. Starting in 2009, I became a ScrumMaster, and continued to be a ScrumMaster until 2013, when I became a full-time Agile Coach.

My usual programming languages are z Series assembly language, C, C Sharp, and XQuery.

I also sometimes program in PHP, ActionScript, C++, Java, PL/I, Cobol, and Fortran.

I have an agile-development blog at:


Work experience

CA Technologies, Principal Software Engineer
April 2015 - Present, Lisle, IL, US
In this position I develop DB2 database tools, while also helping the teams developers, who have decades of experience using z Series mainframe assembly language, transition to coding in Metal C, as well as using modern development tools, such as Doxygen documentation.

CA Technologies, Agile Coach
August 2013 - April 2015, Lisle, IL, US
As a full-time Agile Coach for 17 Scrum teams, I: • Expand team understanding of Agile/Scrum principles, to change their mindset from "What are the Scrum rules for this situation?" to "What is the best way to do this, consistent with our needs and the agile principles?" • Collaborate with the agile coaching team (10 coaches in worldwide development centers) to assess the state of agile development in the company and address common impediments. • Contribute with the coaching team to "good practices" documents that agile teams can use as a starting point for developing their own team practices. • Join Scrum team meetings and facilitate developer understanding of how agile processes can empower them, rather than getting in their way. • Mentor young developers in good engineering practices that make systems easier to maintain and test. • Familiarize veteran developers who have become isolated from the industry with current practices and technologies. • Develop extensive reports and information radiator displays, using XQuery, XSLT, and XSL-FO to process XML-based data from the sprint tracking system. • Maintain a blog about agile development:

CA Technologies, Principal Software Engineer
June 1987 - July 2013, Lisle, IL, US

- Developed and maintained CA Snapshot General Services, a component for interfacing with point-in-time copy devices that is used by CA DB2 and IMS utility products.
- Sheparded ACF2 security product through process of obtaining National Computer Security Center C2 and B1 ratings. This included developing necessary modifications to ACF2, teaching the government evaluation staff the internals of MVS and ACF2, writing a semi-formal security model, developing an extensive suite of tests, and acting as liaison to the government team during testing.
- Developed enhancements for ACF2 security product.
- Developed enhancements for CA-Examine auditing product.

UCCEL, Inc., Programmer
January 1987 - May 1987, Rosemont, Illinois, United States

Developed enhancements for ACF2 security product.

UCCEL, Inc. was acquired by Computer Associates in June 1987.

SKK, Inc., Programmer
October 1984 - December 1986, Rosemont, Illinois, United States

- Lead developer for the Examine/MVS auditing product.
- Developed enhancements to the ACF2 security product.

SKK, Inc. was acquired by UCCEL, Inc. in January 1987.

General Motors Audit Staff, Senior Information Systems Auditor
May 1984 - September 1984, Detroit, Michigan, United States

- Developed software tools for auditors, including a system for maintaining a central tool library and distributing tools electronically to auditors at remote sites.
- Performed operating system audits at various General Motors divisions.
- Performed application system audits.

GMC Truck & Coach, Senior Software Systems Analyst Programmer
May 1978 - April 1984, Pontiac, Michigan, United States

- Co-led a task force to develop a corporate-wide change control system for applications systems. The project included reconciling differences between the many change control systems already in use, and planning for support of multiple languages, many sites with disparate hardware and software, and for the eventual sale of the system as a software product.
- Led a four-person team which developed a divisional system for controlling changes to application systems. The project included arriving at a common change control method that would not impede the work of six applications programming groups which had vastly different methods of programming and management.
- Installed and maintained MVS, JES2, and ACF2, including developing local exits and interfaces.
- Provided software tools and troubleshooting assistance for operations, programming, and end-user staffs.

GMC Truck & Coach, Project Engineer
October 1973 - April 1978, Pontiac, Michigan, United States

- Developed PL/I applications to drive numerically controlled drill presses and punch presses machining truck frames.
- Developed PL/I applications to calculate bending parameters for copper tube bending machines.
- Developed a language to describe the wiring diagrams of RTS transit buses (RTSTRAN), and a PL/I-based language translator to convert wiring diagram descriptions to tables to be used by a minicomputer-based wiring test system.

GMC Truck & Coach, Co-op student
August 1970 - September 1973, Pontiac, Michigan, United States

During this period, I was a co-op student at General Motors Institute. My sponsoring GM division was GM Truck & Coach.

Computer-related projects included:
- Developed a GE 435-based Fortran program to take RPM/Torque data points, perform a least-squares curve fit, and generate paper tapes to drive a Tridea automated drafting machine to produce Torque/Horsepower graphs for publication in truck specifications.
- Modified an IBM 1800 assembly-language application that monitored engine dynamometer test stands, improving its performance by moving critical code to run in foreground partitions.
- Enhanced an IBM/370 MVS-based cross-assembler for a Varian 620i minicomputer so that it could handle proper mathematical expressions that included nested parentheses.
- Developed a menu-system for a passive digitizer table.


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