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Keerthan Muthurasa


Mobile Delivery Manager, Nestle Nespresso


Certified ScrumMaster



With more than 8 years experiences working in multiple countries and most of the time in multicultural teams distributed across the globe, Keerthan has experience working with very complex projects. Recently, he has been busy working for the Human Brain Project at EPFL, Lausanne in Switzerland as a Technical Team Lead managing an offshore team of around 20 people in order to develop a worldwide collaborative platform to build what we call the "HBP consortium". This consortium gathers the world leading neuroscientists to take part to the most amazing and complex project ever: understanding the human brain ! 
This is a 10 years project that will be an outstanding contribution to the human kind since the overall target is to better understand the human brain in order to cure a plenty of diseases that we are not able to understand today due to the complexity of the brain. In early 2012, Keerthan was hired by Nestle Nespresso as a technical team lead to design the global integration landscape for the worldwide eCommerce mobile applications and lead the different teams until the delivery by supporting them with technical solution and insuring efficient cross team coordination. Since 2013, he is contributing to a major IT landscape transformation program leading several distributed teams in Europe in order to deliver the future Nespresso's backbone.Today, as a Mobile Delivery Manager,he is dealing with multiple teams to deliver the mobile roadmap at Nespresso. Among others,  he is responsible for building the team capacity, improving the delivery by coaching team members and setting them targets in line with the global delivery strategy, planning development activities (from requirements clarification to rollout), follow budget / planning and raise / mitigate risks. 


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