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Knut Kvarme


Agile Program Manager, Tieto

Location: Stavanger


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner

Groups I belong to

Scrum Norway


Unfortunatly these scrum certifications has become a big industry, and it is all about the money...even if they claim otherwise...
If you want a "certification" or a proof of your knowledge, I reccomend you try Agile Federation.

They provide a "certification" that is totally free. It is pretty hard to pass, but it is made by agile enthusiasts with a lot of they say - its made by the people...for the people...and there is no hidden agenda about making money because there is a big "non-profit organization" that needs to be kept alive and so everybody has to pay them money over and over again.


Articles I've written

The Scrum Team: A Puzzle of People
How do you build your cross-functional teams? One CSP creates his in an agile manner, inspecting and adapting as the project evolves. He says that this allows team members to learn new skills and ensures that the right skills are brought on to the team when needed. Read on to hear his story.

Distributed Teams
There is a common perception that the co-located team is better positioned to ensure good communication and deliver more efficiently than distributed teams. But . . . it is interesting to note that while there are some clear challenges with having a distributed team, there can also be some advantages.


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