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Krystian Kaczor


Agile Coach

Location: Warszawa, Poland


Certified ScrumMaster



Krystian Kaczor is an experienced Scrum Master, Agile Trainer and Test Manager. During seven years of work in IT, Krystian has gained comprehensive experience in the entire software development cycle. He worked as a programmer, system administrator, technical support staff, ScrumMaster, Tester and Test Manager. Therefore, he has much broader (from many angles) view on software and its development cycle. He easily finds common understanding with both technical staff and stakeholders. Krystian provides consulting sevices and trainings on agile development and quality assurance as an owner of the QAgile company.

Articles I've written

Golf and Scrum
People say that you play golf to relax, and that to play golf you need to be relaxed. To be Agile you need to be professional, and to be professional you need be Agile.

5 Common Mistakes We Make Writing User Stories
Most of the issues with gathering requirements in agile software development and agile testing derive from issues with User Stories. Somehow expressing requirements in such a simple form causes a lot of trouble to agile teams. Of course art of writing good User Stories is the most difficult for new teams starting with a new agile project or these, which freshly transformed development methods to agile software development methodologies. Mistakes made at that point lead to wrong Test Cases, wrong understanding of requirements, and the worst of all wrong implementation which can be direct cause of rejecting the deliverables of the iteration. Lets take a look at the five most common mistakes people make writing User Stories.


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