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John Zilinskis


CTO, SunGard VPM

Location: Melville, NY


Certified ScrumMaster



John Zilinskis

Chief Technology Officer

SunGard VPM, Asset Management


Lead the design and development of SunGard's VPM hedge fund portfolio accounting system.  Our software is used by many of the largest hedge funds in the world in terms of assets under management.  It is an accounting and hedge fund back office operations system that provides for trade capture, corporate actions processing and financial reporting of all major asset classes traded in the hedge fund market.  VPM is a Smart Client/SOA, written in WPF, .Net 4.0, C# with WCF-based services and a Linq-to-SQL OR/M.


Over two years ago, I implemented Agile/Scrum, along with TDD.  We first rolled out this methodology with our rewrite of the product from a fat client to a smart client/SOA.  Under tight pressure and strict deadlines, Scrum helped to transform our entire development process and with the increased velocity enabled us to hit our date and continue to hit dates ever since!  By working smarter and more efficiently, Scrum has eliminated tremendous amounts of waste from the process...such as lengthly upfront design documents and detailed MS Project plans.  Also, by integrating testing into the sprint, we are able to deliver working software in a much shorter time frame...short feedback loop.


I have been developing software for over 15 years and love to code.  I hold an BBA in Information Systems and an MBA in Investment Finance.


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