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Wei Zhou


Scrum Master & Agile Coach, Ericsson

Location: Shanghai, China


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



  I started my career at Shenzhen, China for a telecommunication company from 2001. I was happy to experience the development work in several leading company in the telecommunication industry like Huawei, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson. In these year, I spent my time in the fixed network and moved to mobile network afterwards. It was interesting to work in different countries like China, Thailand, Brasil with people having different background but for the single goal, building a high quality telecommunication network. For most of the time, I was a test engineer or support engineer. However, sometime, I would do some project management work in the field as well.

    In 2010, for the first time, I knew something about Agile and Scrum. And also it made me think more about the efficiency and mystery behind software development.And in 2011, I took Scrum Master role which allowed to put some thinking in practice. Team was a living eco, which meant a lot of challenges for a Scrum Master. Agile transition is easy to say but hard to do. Later, due to the passion and being recognized as a good Scrum Master, I had a new mission, to spent some time on Agile Coach role for the whole orgnization. It brought me more challenge but more chance to improve not just on team level.

Work experience

Ericsson (China) Communication Ltd. Co, Test Enginner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach
September 2010 - Present, Shanghai, CN
Joined development unit of GGSN product as a test engineer from September, 2010. Took Scrum Master role for cross-function team, team Galaxy from Oct, 2011 to present. Became part time Agile Coach for Packet Core department from Dec, 2013 to present. The role of agile coach is to faciliate Agile transition of organization by training and coaching teams and managers, driving events related. To help the organization for continously improvement.

Alcatel Shanghai Bell LTD. Co, Senior Test Engineer
April 2004 - September 2010, Shanghai, CN
2004 - 2008, worked as a test engineer and L3 support engineer for DSLAM equipment. 2008 - 2010, worked as a test engineer for HSS.

Huawei Technology LTD. Co, Test Engineer
July 2001 - April 2004, Shenzhen, Guangdong, CN
As a test engineer, I worked for fixed network broadband product MA5200 and DSLAM MA5100. We used traditional development and not applied Agile method.

Articles I've written

Bad Team or Bad PO?
One day, a new ScrumMaster -- I'll call him Jack -- came to see me. "Hey, Joe," he said. "You know, sometimes I think Waterfall is better for a cross-functional team." . . .


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