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Jorden van Helvoort


Project Manager, Lancet

Location: Utrecht


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Jorden van Helvoort has accumulated a body of knowledge in programming, infrastructure and application management, as well as project and process management in the last twenty years. On top of these practical experiences he has added theoretical knowledge by studying both Computer Science and Management of Technology, complemented by several certifications, both technical and organizational in nature. His specialties are: infrastructure, middleware, compliance, and IT processes. Because of his broad background in IT and strong analytical and organizing skills he often works as a technical project manager or scrum master in these areas. He approaches problems realistically, well thought through, and he's not afraid to raise a critical voice or make hard choices. In the end what matters is realizing maximum value for the customer in a responsible way.

Work experience

Schippage, Scrum Master
January 2016 - July 2017, Utrecht, Utrecht, NL
Assist in the startup of construction consultancy firm Schippage, an organization specialized in high-end sustainable housing solutions. Design and build IT infrastructure for the internal organization. Manage technical, smart home projects for clients. Setup a Scrum team, mainly consisting of construction specialists, for processing client requests and designing the house of their dreams.

Pon Automotive, Solution Engineer
November 2012 - May 2016, Leusden, Utrecht, NL
Pon Automotive is the car importer for brands from the VolksWagen Group, such as VolksWagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche. As a solution engineer I was an intermediary between functional management, application support, infrastructure support, business analysts, architecture and project management. These groups were unable to communicate well amongst each other, so I "translated" between them, due to my broad background in IT. I worked for the middleware support and development team, which let to my role as a Scrum Master for the latter team in 2014.


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