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Joseph van Blokland


Location: Canada


Certified ScrumMaster



Joseph van Blokland is a senior IT professional with over 15 years IT experience in both the public and private sectors. His main focus has been designing object oriented applications, specifically web-based.  He is a strong technical resource and has an aptitude for requirements analysis and deploying successful client solutions.

During his career, Mr. van Blokland has used different Object Oriented development processes to experience the all the lifecycles of enterprise projects.  


Mr. van Blokland enjoys both consulting and delivering customized training.  Training exposes him to the latest technologies and consulting allows him to experience the full project lifecycle with the latest technologies.  As he has progressed in his career from Basic to Fortran to C to Smalltalk, to Enterprise Java, and finally to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), he has repeated this pattern of teaching and then consulting over and over again.  Once he achieves sufficient experience due to training deliveries and consulting engagements, he then mentors or leads teams of object oriented developers.


Joseph van Blokland has experience with the complete software development life cycle including analysis, design, development, testing and deployment.  Joseph van Blokland can provide expert strategic and tactical guidance with regards to object modeling and implementation, object and relational database design and integration, regression testing framework and evolving software architecture design.


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