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Jonathan Tracy


Agile Coach, RBC Canada

Location: Toronto, Ontario / Canada


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Mississauga Agile/Scrum


Jonathan Tracy is an Scrum and Lean practitioner, facilitator, leader, coach, trainer, developer and speaker with over 9 years of experience with Scrum. He is currenty based out of Toronto and worked across multiple industries coaching and practicing Scrum with teams and leaders.

His first exposure to Scrum was with The Globe and Mail and was instantly hooked by this new way of working together people.  Bring happines to his teams and coworkers and bring value to customers were the two driving force that really embodied the work he did at The Globe and Mail and Telus as a Scrum Master

After living and breathing the Scrum values and trying many different techniques and methods he evolved into an Agile Coach.  Working with multiple layers in the organization and really trying to help make a difference with teams on the front line brings with it a unquie set of challenges.  Jon learned that listening, empathy and humor are some of the greatest tools to help build the culture, teams and leadership need to really bring great value to people.

His experience as a Product Owner helped to shape his awareness and apperciation for the work that business folks have to do to provide a valuable and feature rich product that customers will enjoy.

A results and data driven servant leader, Jon focuses on building the success of others and believes that when you bring highly talented people together and focus your work with enthusaism and energy we can create the highly-disciplined self-organizing environments to enable people for success. 

Work experience

RBC Canada, Agile Coach
February 2016 - Present, Toronto, ON, CA
Working as an Agile Coach for multiple team across RBC. Helping with Agile adoption and transformation as well as teaching and mentoring lots of new Agile people.

Telus Corporation, IT Project Manager / Scrum Master / Agile Coach
October 2013 - February 2016, Toronto, Ontario, CA
At Telus I worked as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. My role as a Scrum Master was spent building team culture, working through team dynamics, facilitating discussion and meetings, helping managers support self-organizing teams, teaching Agile practices like Scrum, Kanban and Lean. My role as an Agile Coach was spent helping teams gain a deeper understand of Scrum and Kanban, helping managers and leadership build a system to support Agile teams, visualizing work at a program and portfolio level, facilitating larger discussion to address organization obstacles, collecting information about the organization on where to focus our efforts to build capabilities to help support Agile adoption and transformation.

The Globe and Mail, Senior Scrum Master
January 2012 - October 2013, Toronto, Ontario, CA
My second time working as a Scrum Master was mostly with senior leadership to help visualize work at a portfolio level. I helped to setup a Scrum of Scrums framework across multiple scrum teams. We created feature teams and visualized our work with a wall fully dedicated to user story mapping and worked out an MVP and release plan related to the work. It was the first larger coordinated effort Agile effort.

The Globe and Mail, Product Owner
April 2011 - January 2012, Toronto, Ontario, CA
As a product owner working on the Watchlist at The Globe and Mail I learned a lot about business. Here's brief summary of everything I had to learn: How to build a community online, market a product, build value propositions, developed user based prototypes, gather feedback from stakeholders and customers, create decision matrix to help prioritize features and bug fixes, collect metrics and analysis data to help build business cases for funding, measure trends for product features and write user manuals. Sitting on the business side was great exposure and understand in what it takes to be a product owner. The level of commitment, communication and collaboration was eye opening and really made me appreciate what products owners have to do for their day to day work.

The Globe and Mail, Scurm Master
March 2010 - April 2011, Toronto, Ontario, CA
My first experience as a Scrum Master was fantastic. Once I was in I was hooked. I really working with people everyday. Helping my team get organized and visualize their work is lots of fun for me and something I take joy in doing. At the being I struggled in being a Scrum Master because of all the technical background I had as a web developer. I would immediate jump into providing a solution to a problem. I knew I made progress when I stopped trying to provide a solution and started bringing my teams together and start discussion the options for a potential solution. I quickly learned that facilitating and focusing a conversation was the best way for people to feel like their time was being respected and used effectively. The biggest challenged I faced was helping people through their own Agile journey and what it meant to be on an Agile team. I learned about active listening and how to really empathize with people. So I made it my mission to build teams that work the most attractive teams to work with and really made it a space where people loved to come and do their work.


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