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Jacqueline Park-Cross


ScrumMaster, Covenant Eyes

Location: Michigan, USA


Certified ScrumMaster


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Jackie Park-Cross

I am a CSM and have been learning, practicing, and implementing Agile practices, specifically Scrum, for six years now. When we started with Agile/Scrum at Covenant Eyes we knew very little about it and jumped right in trying to figure it out and getting it rolled out to our small development team. Now, six years later we have more than doubled our team size which includes quality assurance, user experience, and mulitple product owners.

I believe that the Agile processes have really helped us grow and learn about ourselves and the process. I also believe that it has helped us deliver better software to our customers and helped our business grow greatly. 

It is always one of my goals to help others in my company fully understand and grasp the Agile concepts and see how they can apply them to their departments and daily work. 

Work experience

Covenant Eyes, ScrumMaster
July 2005 - Present, Owosso, Michigan, US
My job at Covenant Eyes as the ScrumMaster supports the Product Owner and development teams in their implementation of Agile Development methodologies (mostly Scrum). This is done through helping with the various ceremonies, working with Product Owners and stakeholders to build product backlogs, managing the tools the teams use, and helping to address any impediments that may come up that impact a developer’s ability to complete their work.


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