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Jimmy Lu


Tech Lead, Perficient

Location: Hangzhou, China


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Scrum Hangzhou


Jimmy Lu has ten plus years of software design and development expertise. Well versed in object-oriented analysis, design, implementation and testing, with a proven ability to deliver e-Business processes and web-based applications. Adept at understanding the internet from a business point of view and Internet related technologies. Experienced in Agile/Scrum/CMMI practices in various type of projects.


Work experience

Perficient, Lead Technical Consultant
April 2006 - Present, Hangzhou, ZheJiang, China

As a technical lead participated various projects including Commerce, Portal, J2EE, etc.

Primary Roles include:

·         Team Lead / Project Manger 

·         Scrum Master

·         Technical Lead

·         Sr. Developer

Primary Technologies include:

·         Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, ASP, SQL, JavaScript

·         Web Development – HTML/DHTML/XHTML, XML/XSL/XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, J2EE, Ajax, DOJO, JQuery

·         Database applications: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, MS Access

·         Application Servers: WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat

·         Portal: IBM WebSphere Portal, Liferay, Portal Specifications JSR286, JSR168

·         eCommerce: IBM WebSphere Commerce

·         GUI: Java Swing/AWT, DreamWeaver

·         Enterprise Service Bus: Bea AquaLogic Service Bus, AquaLogic Integration

·         BPM: Bea AquaLogic BPM, WfMC specifications

·         Object-Oriented: UML, Design Pattern, J2EE Core Patterns

·         Leading & mentorship of development team

·         Source Code Management (VSS, CVS, SVN)

·         Oracle Sql Developer, Sql Plus 

·         Eclipse, IBM RAD, NetBean JBuilder, Visual Studio, Ant

·         Spring, Struts, JPA, Hibernate, iBatis, JDBC, , WebWorks, FreeMarker

·         Agile/Scrum, CMMI 5, RUP, XP



Professional AND BUSINESS Experience

CLIENT: A leading distributor of electrical, communications, data networking and security facilities

Team lead and core developer of an online store by using IBM WebSphere Commerce platform. Major responsibilities include managing the offshore development team to implement the requirement by following the functional design.


·   Coaching the project team to practice Scrum activities in the development. 

 ·  Overseeing the daily development of the team. Coordinating the offshore dev teams with the US project manager and architect.

·    Provided code review and coaching to the development team.

·    Core developer of the implementation Homepage, Catalog Browsing flow, Shopping cart and Checking out flow. The development activities include the creation and changing of the jsp pages, commands, configuration files, etc.


CLIENT: Nation's leading administrators of self-funded employee benefit plans

Managed a 9 person off-shore delivery team (including a 5-member dev team and a 4-member testing team) to develop a Self-Service portal environment to be utilized by all of their clients.  The system was built with IBM WebSphere Portal tools. The project adopted the Scrum as the implementation process.


·    Overseeing the daily development of the team. Coordinating the offshore dev teams with the US project manager and architect.

·    Provided code review and coaching to the development team.

·    Participated the architecture design and user story design of the portal by using IBM WebSphere RAD.


·    Core developer of the implementation.


CLIENT: Regional Government Portal

Led a 7 person team doing analysis, design, development, implementation, and testing of a U.S. regional government utilizing IBM WebSphere Portal tools.


·    Coordinated the daily work of the off-shore delivery team.

·    Participated the architecture design of the portal by using IBM WebSphere RAD.


·    Provided mentorship and coaching to the development teams.


CLIENT: World Lead in Fractional Jet Ownership

Led a 5 person team doing design, development, implementation, and testing the invoice generation and printing application.


·    Coordinated the daily work of the off-shore delivery team.

·    Designed the architecture by using EJB 3 on IBM WebSphere application server.


·    Participated the implementation of invoices generation by using Adobe LiveCycle Suite.


Health Insurance System for State Government

The project will help a state government provide health insurance for children. It will manage the whole process including new application, eligibility, enrollment and renewal application. The solutions consist of J2EE, Spring Framework, WebWork, FreeMarker, Java, JSPs, Oracle 10g, and HTML/Javascript in conjunction.


·    Participating the design of use cases.

·    Implementing both back-end and front-end functions of the system.

·    Fixing defects reported by testers and end users.


·    Providing mentorship to development teams

VIA Technologies, Sr. software engineer
May 2002 - April 2006, Hangzhou, ZheJiang, China

CLIENT: Organization Model System for Large-Scaled Enterprise

The project will provide the Organization Model of the enterprise as the fundamental component for other systems. It will manage the various relationships among the Departments, Employees, Roles, Resources and Privileges. The solutions consist of Spring Framework, Java, JSPs, Hibernate, SQL Database, and HTML in conjunction.


·    Performing requirement analysis and architecture design.

·    Providing mentorship and technical oversight to development teams.


·    Developing the core functions of the system.


CLIENT: Video Conference Web Management for Major Telecom Company

This is the software part of the Video Conference solution. The system will manage the hardware part through RPC and other technologies including HTML, JavaScript, JSPs, Struts, J2EE, OJB and SQL Database.


·    Developing the business logic layout for the meeting management module.

·    Writing the JUnit test cases for various components.


·    Integrating the system with the hardware system.


CLIENT: Workflow Management System for Major Chipset Design Company

A full-functional Workflow management following the WfMC standards, components including Engine, Flow Designer, Organization Model, Calendar, Form Application and Administrator Console, used to facilitate the handling of various workflows within the enterprise. Technologies involved in are Swing, Servlet, Java, OJB, JMS, Web Service and SQL database.


·    Designing, developing, and testing the logic layer of components of Engine, Organization Model and Administrator Console.

·    Developing the GUI layer of the Organization Model and Administrator Console.


·    Mapping the domain object model to the relational database schema.


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