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Jarkko Kailanto


Agile coach, Reaktor

Location: Helsinki, Finland


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Jarkko Kailanto

At 1996, I finished my basic education.

1996-2004 I was a master of science student in Tampere University of Technology, majoring in software development. Development process taught there at the time was pure waterfall.

2002-2005 I worked as a coder at Nokia Networks. We used waterfallish process, although after years I understood that our high performing team had many qualities of an excellent agile team, without us knowing it then.

2005- 2007 I acted as a project manager, and got fed up with trying to allocate people, to guess completion dates and to maintain gantt charts for year long projects. Overall feeling that we kept repeating useless planning activities while the plans kept failing was always present.

2007 I learned about scrum and agile for the first time, and haven't looked back since.

2007-2012 I worked as scrummaster, product owner and agile coach at Nokia Siemens Networks, learning more and more about iterative and adaptive software development, continuous learning, empowering teams, etc.

2012 I joined Reaktor, a top-notch software house with state-of-the-art development practices. I work as an agile coach, helping people, teams and organisations to get more out of their work. I coach, facilitate, teach and mentor. My goal is that people would need to do less but would actually be able to achieve more, and that everybody would be generally happier with their work.


Work experience

Reaktor, Agile Coach
December 2012 - Present, Helsinki, UUS, FI
I have been coaching our company's clients and our internal software teams in use of agile methods, including scrum.

Nokia Siemens Networks, Product Owner
June 2010 - November 2012, Tampere, PIR, FI
I acted as PO for a product area in our organization. I had two scrum teams working for me.

Nokia Siemens Networks, ScrumMaster
August 2007 - May 2010, Tampere, PIR, FI
I acted as a scrum master to several different scrum teams.


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