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Joseph Stephane EKOBO KIDOU


Project Manager, SOFRECOM

Location: Paris


Certified ScrumMaster


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In my current organization, we have always been focused on maintaining existing softwares following a powerfull process named Waterfall, but several changes occurred over the years, and the quality of products we used to deliver started to declined. Finally we discovered that the way we use to work was not on top of the suitable ones, because the world was changing and we have to be more flexible in order to survive in thoses changes. The result of this situation is that we started going Agile, and nowadays we are still wondering on why we didn’t integrated Agile earlier.

I met with Jeff Sutherland in Paris and he tolds me that Scrum was made to makes developers life better, I agree with him on that point because, it is not only the developer’s life which changed under Scrum, but also the life of all the stakholders.

Work experience

SOFRECOM Part of Orange group,
March 2005 - Present, Vincennes, France
I started working at Sofrecom on 2005, at that time, I was a very young soldier, with a great heart and no fear. I was Excited by all the new technlogies around Java, I was also inspired by Martin Fowler who were dealing with heavy topics concerning software development. Nowadays, I still have the sacred fire of my early days, and everyday I do my best to be wiser than the day before.


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