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Jerry Durant


Managing Director, Certellus Corporation

Location: Winter Springs, FL USA


Certified ScrumMaster



Jerry E. Durant has been involved in Information Technology for over 30 years. During this time he has worked for and represented some of the leading companies throughout the world. These include AT&T, Bell Laboratories, SAS Data Denmark, Ericsson Telecom, Hong Kong Telephone, British Telecom, EG&G, AETNA Insurance, Bank of America, Rockwell International, Puritan Bennett, Eli Lilly, Glaxo, Unisys and Hewlett-Packard to name a few. What is more important than just names is the array of services that have been provided. As Managing Director of Certellus Corporation. Jerry, and his team of software engineering professionals, stand prepared to support the needs of business. Whether it’s assessment, project oversight, validation, or infrastructure development we are prepared and capable to get the job done to the specifications required.

Jerry authored The Testing Tools Reference Guide© published by SingleSource, and authored the first training program on the subject entitled “Test Automation Workshop™” (offered through Software Quality Engineering). He has taught throughout the World in both public and private settings. Practical, applicable and effective are words that participants have used to characterize their training experience.

Jerry has a M.S. in Computer Science from NH College Graduate School, B.S. in Management from NH College and an A.S. in Accounting from Hesser College. In addition he was named to Who's Who in Technology, Who's Who in Global Business, and received recognition from Dartmouth College in  Excellence in Software Engineering.  His unique combination of formal educational and experience offers practical answers for clients that consider financial, technological and administrative effects.  Highly skilled in Software V&V, ERP, Agile Engineering, Security, Outsourcing and Business Process Engineering he has taken a leadership role in shaping these disciplines, as a consultant, author and educator.

Jerry is founder of both Certifiable Technologies Ltd. (CTL) and OutSourceIT!Solutions (OSITS) and serves as Managing Director of Certellus Corporation, including both the Business Engineering Institute (BEI) and Certellus Corporations R&D operations.  He also serves as Chairman, Board of Governors for the International Institute for Outsource Management


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