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Ivona Kaczynski


Technical Product Manager

Location: Berlin, Germany


Certified ScrumMaster



I am a team leader offering operational support and improvements during the growth phase of technical project. I specialize in identifying existing team workflows, developing and implementing a new management system, providing clear documentation, managing though ambiguity and quickly adapting to ongoing change in cross-functional environments.

I strongly value transparency, listening, honest communication and team collaboration. Throughout my time on projects ranging from the alternative energy industry, traditional tech, custom metal fabrication and performing arts/stage management, I consistently do what it takes to keep every team member feeling enabled and supported to share their perspective and stay motivated throughout the lifecycle of a project. As a strong empath, I can quickly identify team member competencies and help them learn how to utilize their skills in alignment with broader team objectives.

My background in philosophy and yoga studies predisposes me to challenge norms of thinking and pursue alternative perspectives. I have strong managerial values; I stick by them and can quickly spot inconsistencies and advocate for realignment when necessary. I use compassion and curiosity in asking simple, thoughtful questions, which ensures my team members feel safe to develop insights and make connections on their own.

My diverse experiences have honed my lateral thinking skills through which I have gathered unique insights about tech, business and team development as a whole. I am attracted to products that aim to disrupt the way humans interact with technology in the present and long-term.

In my spare time, I practice circus arts, modern dance, contact improv, yoga, and mountain/backcountry travel. I'm blessed with the best dog in the world (fact). I love vegetarian food and I'm an environment/animal welfare advocate with a big heart.


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