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Iwao Harada


Architect, OGIS-RI.,Ltd

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Scrum Tokyo


Iwao Harada
-⁠ Role
I am an architect and a team leader.
In many projects, I am responsible for the building of architecture as well as for helping team to find their best development process. I support team's various activities such as requirement definition, design and implementation, etc. I also help team to make sure improvement activities are taken place.

-⁠ Contribution to the spreading of Agile
a) Agile Modeling
I am an expert in UML modeling.
I summarized how I use modeling to increase agility in agile development in the following presentation and shared it with many people. Please refer to (Japanese only)
The approach described in above presentation is based on agile modeling by Scott Ambler. With Domain Driven Design and Scrum, I designed a learning cycle to foster the interaction among scenario, model and source code.
b) Agile/Scrum evangelist
When I have a request I go to the other company to explain Agile and explain Srcrum. It is an activity named Agile Discourse. Beginning with agile development manifesto, I am talking about Mike Cohn 's succeeding with agile when introducing Scrum. Although it is still about two companies, I am planning to answer the questions of Agile and Scrum of various companies.

-⁠ Contribution to Agile Communities
There are several communities related to agile development in Japan, such as Scrum Master's community, UML Modeling Promotion Council Agile Committee, LeSS Study, Product Owner's community, etc. I contribute to these communities by having discussions with attendees from various companies, providing insights and finding possible solutions.
The following the presentation is related to XP and Lean Development. Please refer to (Japanese only)


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