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Harold Shinsato


Executive Director, Montana Agile Culture House

Location: Stevensville, MT



Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Big Sky Agile


I've been a software developer since high school in 1978, received a BS in Computer Science in 1984, and have had the good fortune to work with cutting edge technology, first at Xerox with the first personal computing systems, then at Inxight where Xerox PARC linguistics and visualization patents were being commercialized, and lastly at SAP BusinessObjects. I've been actively promoting agile software development practices since 2001. My Scrum training started 3 years ago from Luke Hohman, Steve McConnell's Construx class on Enterprise Agile, and the Agile Learning Labs CSM class.

Scrum provides significant benefits to software development through much greater opportunities for self-organization. I'm also trained as an Open Space Technology facilitator, which provides ample opportunities for self-organization, and I have facilitated several Open Space conferences, including, which I founded in 2008.

Work experience

Montana Agile Culture House, Inc., Executive Director
February 2014 - Present, , Montana, US
Founded Montana Agile Culture House, Inc. in 2014 to host the first MACH conference (, which brought agile practitioners and thought leaders to Missoula to speak, coach, and share in the Open Space Technology meeting format for the community, after an evening of lightning keynotes. MACH was the continuation of the efforts of Missoula BarCamp, which Harold also founded, beginning in 2008.

SAP, Senior Programmer
January 2008 - June 2014, Palo Alto, CA
Supporting current customers of the Inxight visualizations products, StarTree, TimeWall, TableLens, and VizServer. Developed the graph analysis Text Analysis VizPack component for relationship analysis based on the parsing of unstructured text. Assisted with the adoption of agile processes, bringing in speakers to educate the team on Scrum, Lean, and more. Assisted with the adoption of Continuous Integration through the introduction of Cruise Control and the development of Jenkins based automation for the Collection Analysis Toolkit as well as facilitated several Scrum Retrospectives. In 2011 worked for a few months on a scrum team working on the Cleansing Package Builder for SAP's Information Steward, and then joined the EIM team to assist with build automation and verification.

Business Objects, Senior Programmer
July 2007 - December 2007, San Jose, CA, United States
Business Objects acquired Inxight for six months before it was acquired by SAP. During that six months, I assisted with the assimilation of the Inxight visualizations into the Business Objects product set.

Inxight Software, Inc., Senior Programmer
January 1997 - June 2007, Sunnyvale, CA, United States
Java Developer of the Inxight Hyperbolic Tree visualization which was eventually renamed to the StarTree. Co-inventor of the extension of the StarTree for visualizing graphs. Also worked on the VizServer, StarTree Studio, and TimeWall visualization.

Xerox, Senior Programmer
August 1984 - December 1996, Palo Alto, CA, United States
Developer of document converters into the Xerox Star system. The conversions included DCA, Wordpress, ODA. I also worked on the conversion user interface, the "Converter Icon", represented Xerox at standards meetings for the Open Document Architecture in developing that standard, and eventually assisted with the outsourcing of our document converters to Mastersoft. In my last year at Xerox I began working with the Java programming language and the Hyperbolic Tree in a group that would then spin out of Xerox to become Inxight.


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