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Heinz Platten


Agile Transformation Lead and Enterprise Coach, Platten Consulting LLC

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Work experience

PayPal, Agile Lead & Agile Coach
December 2011 - Present, San Jose, CA, United States
Jan 2012 to present - 70% of my time ā€“ 1,400 hours in 2012. Agile Lead / Agile Coach for the Data Management organization of 400 people. - Started an Agile pilot team in January to prove that Agile can be done in a Data Management / Data Warehousing environment - Grew the pilot to seven teams, both Scrum and Kanban, by July 2012 - To change from pilot mode to a structured roll out I implemented an Agile Transformation Team consisting of twelve work groups, each working on a backlog of stories to support the organization wide transition from waterfall to Agile. The transition work teams itself was operating in Scrum with Product Owners and Scrum Masters for each team. All product owners for the transition reported to the Chief Product Owner for the transition which is the VP of Data Management. I acted as the scrum master of the Transformation Core team and also as the Product Owner of the Training & coaching work group. October 2012 to present - 30% of my time ā€“ 150 hours in 2012: In the second half of 2012 PayPal decided to transition all of 6000 engineers from waterfall to Agile. Iā€™m a member of the PayPal Agile Transformation work team for 'Training & Coaching' to support the transition of the 6000 PayPal engineers to Agile. The transformation team is operating in Scrum.

Mobile Iron, Director Program Management and Agile Lead
October 2010 - October 2012, Mountain View, CA, United States
Oct 2010 to Sept 2011 - 70% of my time - 1,400 hours total Agile Lead - Leading the transformation of the engineering group from traditional waterfall to agile. Developed the Agile Transformation Plan for the organization - Started the first pilot team in February 2011 - Rolled out two more teams during a six month period - For all three teams I had to propose ways to include QA that was located in India and Vietnam. - Acted as internal coach to all delivery teams and the group of product owners


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