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Harry Long
Scrum Master at Thomson Reuters.
Carrollton, TX


An avid Leader, have always had a passion for looking out for team members and advocating work/life balance. Due to leadership and communication style, have always been pegged as a "firefighter" Helping others achieve success and maintain a balanced outlook on their life drew me into the Scrum implementation at a major employer in San Antonio - which led to my SCM certification. Having a history of understanding Lean and Six Sigma from an Engineering background helped me understand and quickly put to practice my Scrum facilitation skills. Looking to go to the next step (CSC) I have been successful at helping teams across multiple regions globally as well as in multiple industries - and in doing so have helped develop many CSM's where I have worked. I am a happy go lucky guy that wants to help individuals in IT become teams, and teams become successful. Just stay away from the pointy end!