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Glen Wang


Manager & Agile Coach & Scrum Master


Certified ScrumMaster


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Scrum Guangzhou


Glen Wang,

Manager & Agile Coach & Scrum Master


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Scrum: The Unity of Knowing and Doing
Human beings have two basic kinds of capabilities. One is knowing, including learning, making decisions, and planning. Making decisions and planning are based on using past experience to judge the future. The other capability is doing, including e...

The Retrospective: Know Yourself and Adapt to the World
In Scrum: The Unity of Knowing and Doing, I discussed the two basic abilities of human beings: knowing and doing. In terms of Scrum, inspection is about knowing, adaption is about doing, and transparency unites knowing and doing. From a team persp...

Agile People Management: 3 Reflective Questions
I have summed up my self-management experience, my understanding and practice of Agile values and principles, and the Unity of Knowing and Doing philosophy into three reflective or retrospective questions. . . .

The ScrumMaster's Performance and Development
Agile is about product development, and it's also about people development. Only if both people development and product development are conducted in an Agile way can Agile be truly successful. . . .

4 Strategic Steps to Optimize the Value of the Timebox
Life is a series of timeboxes. The timebox is not time. The timebox is an objective mapping to a time frame. It's not about productivity. It's about living purposefully. The value of the timebox is the value of life. Strategically, there are four steps to optimize value of the timebox. . . .

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