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George Schlitz
San Francisco, CA


George Schlitz , CEC, PMP

I have been involved with Agile projects since 2000, when I was a developer on a project trying out some ideas from a crazy book about "pair programming" and related strange practices - I was an instant convert.  Since then, I've explored many different roles in software development, management, leadership, and coaching - a change manager, project manager, program manager, scrum master, Agile coach, and more.  My interests expanded to these areas upon reading about Scrum - which gave me hope that project management was not doomed to serve only as a source of Dilbert material. 

I have a great deal of experience in very large companies that are steeped in tradition and challenged in the ability to transform.  I excel at the organizational change aspects of Agile introductions.  I love the challenge of helping people and groups realize new possibilities when there is seemingly no firm ground to stand on...culture challenges, process challenges, death march projects, troubled teams, etc.  I bring distinctions from a wide range of approaches to help my clients and colleagues.  I love my work - even the pain - and will share anything and help anyone doing the same. 


Previously: Founder, BigVisible Solutions

I co-founded and led a successful agile coaching and consulting company between 2006 and 2013.