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Greg Pfister


VP, Agile Software Engineering, Agilex Technologies

Location: Chantilly, VA


Gregory Pfister

I have been building agile software teams over the last 10 years primarily focused in the government contracting space.  There are significant challenges in bridging across these environments due to the legacy processes and practices that have become entrenched.  I have found that combining Scrum management practices with XP development practices and constant observing and adjusting we have created a environment that is satisfying for our customers and employees alike.

Work experience

Agilex Technologies, VP, Software Engineering
August 2007 - Present, Chantilly, VA, United States
As a founding member of Agilex, I was determined to create an Engineering Practice that was based on the core agile and lean principles. Today, we execute all of our projects using Scrum as our management framework, 2 week sprints, etc. We leverage XP engineering practices (TDD, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration) as well. I have grown a team of over 150 engineers that all work within this type environment, delivering customer value across many federal agencies (DoD, VA, CDC, ONC, HHS, etc). I am currently taking this model and applying it across the other sectors within Agilex.


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