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Grant Meyer


Scrum Master Manager, Choice Hotels International

Location: Scottsdale, AZ


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Grant Meyer--I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a Certified Scrum Master. I really enjoy the Scrum Master role and love helping others succeed at it as well. This is why I'm also the Scrum Master Manager, at Choice Hotels International where I can help others succeed in the role as well. Choice Hotels is an agile enterprise now, but continues its evolution through change, embracing scrum, kanban, and other agile/lean approaches. As I've seen at previous organizations upgrading the Scrum, the switch to Scrum at Choice Hotels is highlighted and continues to highlight impediments at a micro, and macro, level. The conversion to Scrum has touched virtually all departments in the company and the results continue to be fantastic. When I started (as the first full time, permanent Scrum Master) Choice Hotels had three scrum teams. Now we have 13 Scrum Masters and nearly 30 different agile teams. We don't rest on our laurels, though--we continue to explore and evolve as we continue to deliver at an unprecedented pace. I love the interactions involved in being a CSM. I love the team dynamics, and I love helping people and companies do their best. I've always said if I won the lottery I would be a butler so I could help people be successful day-to-day. Now I would add being a Scrum Master and a Scrum Master Manager too!

Work experience

Choice Hotels International, Certified Scrum Master
August 2010 - Present, Scottsdale, AZ, United States
At Choice Hotels, I have nearly six full years of scrum and Scrum Master experience. I was hired on as an established Scrum Master, having previously fulfilled the role at a prior company, in August 2010. I started working with three scrum teams on my very first day and helped our entire organization through the agile transformation, at first with a contract Scrum Coach, and then later as a Scrum Master, Scrum Master Manager, and now Scrum Coach, all full time. I absolutely love the work and I love helping others succeed in the work. I was the very first full time Scrum Master at Choice Hotels, and we now have thirteen Scrum Masters and nearly 30 different teams. Even our business and our business planning organizations are agile, working at the portfolio level to determine the return on investment of our proposed projects, working with me and the leadership team in IT to determine capacity, and prioritizing the work before it is taken in by the development teams. I have trained countless developers, Technical Analysts, Product Owners, and other Scrum Masters here at Choice Hotels and I absolutely love the work. We have several dozen scrum teams and a handful of kanban teams and even a few scrumban teams. Our organization is now fully agile and I have been one of several long-term key advocates and implementors here.

Sage Software, Scrum Master
September 2007 - August 2010, Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Scrum Master and Senior Project Manager for several teams. Scrum Master for several software delivery teams. Scheduled/facilitated all agile ceremonies: sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives, sprint planning, daily stand-up meetings, user story pointing & grooming, for several large, complex teams. Enforced key scrum values while driving team delivery and team cohesion. Encouraged a productive, fun, transparent work environment. Created the company’s first “release burndown” graphs which were immediately embraced and used for all agile teams. Trained/mentored several new and established Scrum Masters. Facilitated, drove, and reported on high-visibility software projects. Key driver in Agile Transformation


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