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Gildas Lanilis


Agile Program Manager




Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Gildas Lanilis

Who I am?

Gildas is a constant learner armed with new ideas and techniques that he can use to help others. He sees the distinctions between two things that seem quite similar. These distinctions help you know how to choose which path to take--"Take this one, not that one." His best advice are never general, but rather is tailored to the unique characteristics of your situation.

Gildas is a problem solver, who is not fazed by complex situations. He can be demanding and opinionated, but above all he is discriminating: "good enough" and still focus on the big picture. There is always a better way, a better arrangement, a better solution, and he comes alive when he is called upon to find it.

What I do?

Walking the shop floor, getting his hands dirty is Gildas’s way in advising people to deliver faster better software. Agility and lean thinking are its way of life. He gets his satisfaction by seeing people's performance improving.

Because he believes the answer could be found in the details of the situation, he is always questioning "What is the best thing to do?" or "What will work?" This may leads to innovative solutions that haven't been tried before.

Instinctively people know that he genuinely care about them. As he thinks in terms of “steps” and “modules”, he delivers his advices in using language like “Here are the steps I recommend.” “Write down these tips.” “Here are the materials I’ve developed.”

How to use Gildas?

Gildas has helped teams pulling apart complex process related problems and figuring out what's actually going on. Because of his Software Engineering expertise, and his innate tirelessly capability into deep questioning, Senior Executives make him responsible to lead the company’s Agile transformation. His Masters degree in Software Engineering and Telecommunications helps to master the processes.




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