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George Gosieski, MCR, CSM, GHG-IQ


Partner & Sr. Speaker, Business EcoSystems

Location: Midlothian, VA



Certified ScrumMaster


George Gosieski has 27 years of domestic and international corporate in the areas of sustainability, workplace strategies, change management, process engineering, and program management.


He joined Business EcoSystems in 2008 to guide private and public sector clients in developing and implementing self-funding sustainability strategies and supports the organization’s Learning practice as a Senior Lecturer.  


I spent  eight years with Capital One in the Corporate Real Estate group where he was responsible for developing and implementing mobile workplace solutions, an awarding winning environmentally sensitive corporate campus, and an enterprise-wide sustainability program.


Prior to Capital One, George had a 19 years career with Boeing holding a variety of responsibilities including management of Boeing’s international real estate portfolio and providing real estate technical and advisory support to Boeing customers.


I am an active member in the following groups:  George is an active member of the following groups:  Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s Technical Working Group; Special Advisor, Green Building Initiative; Chair of Corenet Global's Sustainability Community; European Union’s Ambient Intelligence@Work community; ASTM Building Performance committee; ASTM Building Energy Performance Disclosure committee, Net Zero Energy Commercial Building Consortium; Chair, Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Consortium, Global Reporting Initiative Construction and Real Estate Practitioners’ Network.


Additionally, I founded the facility management degree program at the University of Washington, holds multiple patents related to wireless networking.  He is self-taught in electrical engineering and computer programming.  I speak regularly on sustainability, workplace, and change management.


Work experience

Business EcoSystems, Partner & Sr. Speaker, Sustainable Socially Responsible Solutions, Strategies & Policies
August 2008 - Present, Midlothian, VA, United States
Lead the Strategy and Policy practice developing integrated business-driven sustainable social responsibility strategies for corporations, trade & professional associations, and non-profits. Provide technical and advisory support to the Learning practice on social responsibility and experiential learning systems. Oversee the Greenhouse Gas Management Group providing technical and advisory support on baselines, reduction strategies, and monetization. Lead workshops and speak publicly on social responsibility and associated mechanisms for driving sustainable business results. Support business development strategy and execution. Restructured the company into four separate practices focused on building capacity, realizing possibilities (strategy and policy), driving results (people-centric program management), and transforming risk (business intelligence and analytics). Raised brand awareness by 23% and increased revenues by 48%; Aligned and expanded the practices with the client development process. - Paved the way for improved company and executive recognition by: (1) lead website and social media redesign; (2) introducing white papers and case studies; and (3) positioning executives as thought leaders Ongoing technical and advisory support to a global social responsibility reporting program focusing on the chemical and commercial real estate industries. Provide technical and advisory support to a global public-sector entity regarding climate change and sustainable buildings; supported development of a high-level greenhouse gas footprint tool. Created a vision, present state inventory, and strategic roadmap for creating a more sustainable commercial real estate sector for a global professional association applying lifecycle and process engineering concepts to identify and assess sustainability enablers, inhibitors, and “hot spots”; established a multi-stakeholder forum for said organization as a channel for realizing the roadmap. Designed a sustainability-based product-line for a major east coast publishing company capable of scaling both horizontally and vertically across each of their market segments while providing a springboard for entering education. Developed a Regional Food Supply Chain strategy expanding the existing mass-customization concept of Farm-to-Table for restaurants into a commodity-based cradle-to-cradle program with a major focus on change management. This strategy included off-setting the premium associated with local produce through corporate health insurance reductions and leveraging non-profit frameworks. Expanded on existing corporate wellness programs with a focus on reducing obesity. Integrated local grocers to create accessibility and restaurants to create “buzz”. Developed a corporate healthcare reduction strategy based on regional sustainable food supply chains to reduce insurance premiums 3% - 5%, food service costs, and waste management costs. Synchronized infrastructure group sustainability efforts of a major pharmaceutical company and in the process generated and guided implementation of some 50 corporate-wide no-cost sustainability projects that had a material impact on corporate policies, culture, and processes. Ongoing technical & advisory support to multiple national and international sustainable building assessment programs including inter-program harmonization. Developed curriculum for a global professional association’s masters program; taught courses on social responsibility strategies and greenhouse gas management and monetization. Developed social responsibility curriculum for a globally recognized Virginia university. Conducted and led a harmonization study of two leading building performance certification tools Mapped building certification programs creating a cost sensitive maturity curve allowing our client to improve their environmental, social, and performance footprints based on economic commitment. Designed and executed all facets of sustainability including serving as the primary point of contact for sustainability programs for a leading chemical industry trade association. - Provided strategic analysis, guidance, technical and advisory support, department synchronization of sustainability, developed and promoted messaging in collaboration with the Communications department, developed stakeholder engagement model, implemented external stakeholder outreach, and provided collaborative leadership on sustainability. - Created a vision statement and sustainability strategy based on member, staff, and stakeholder input. - Collaborated on a sustainability communications strategy and developed a supporting framework for information management and process for data collection. - Inventoried departments and benchmarked member and drafted a strategic roadmap for growing sustainability that also addressed internal and external change management needs. - Provided technical, advisory, and program management support for upgrading a mandatory environmental, health, safety, and security management system focusing on sustainability, performance, and governance; product safety, communications, and globalization. - Established relations with the GRI to explore potential for industry sector supplement. - Drafted a strategic alliance between a major U.S. based trade association and the Sustainability Consortium. Established a consortium of professional associations, public sector entities, and civil society non-profits to develop and promote a more sustainable U.S. commercial real estate sector. Supported the development on an internationally recognized greenhouse gas quantifier certification.

Capital One, Various Director Level Positions
May 2000 - August 2008, Midlothian, VA, United States
Director, Environmental Sustainability Office (ESO), 2007-2008 Promoted to develop and grow Corporate Environmental Sustainability Strategy with a stewardship focus, addressing challenges within the organization that included lack of common agreement on sustainability and absence of performance management, strategic roadmaps, and stakeholder engagement model. Reported directly to the EVP, CRE, Senior Director of Program Management Office, and CIO (executive sponsor). Director, Workplace Strategies, 2005-2007 Promoted to optimize organizational effectiveness by developing alternative workplace strategies, change management, and workplace technologies. Reported to the VP of CRE Strategy, Planning & Analysis. Group Manager, Process Engineering, 2004-2005 Promoted to improve CRE effectiveness through reengineering of CRE processes and integration of HR, IT, and SCM processes to support compliance, improve customer delivery, and enhance the CRE brand. Developed strategy and roadmap for transitioning to desired future state, including change management component. Reduced delivery time by up to 60%, increased customer satisfaction, proactively introduced new products to customers, and decreased administrative overhead as a result. Group Manager, Global Workplace Delivery, 2002-2004 Promoted to manage all North American transactions, major projects, and internal technologies, reporting to the VP of CRE Global Services. Provided technical and advisory support for European Union and India activities. Program Manager, Central Virginia Development, 2000-2004 Tasked with optimizing regional portfolio and creating corporate brand identity through the real estate portfolio and workplace during hyper-growth period within the company. Developed strategy to reduce regional portfolio by ~50+%; Acquired and developed a 316-acre state-of-the-art sustainable corporate community under-running budget by 25% and reducing building delivery schedule by 50%.

Boeing, Various
September 1978 - April 2000, Seattle, WA, United States
Group Leader, Global Real Estate Group, 1999 - 2000 Reported to the VP, Facility Management, GM of Customer Services, and VP, CRE. Responsible for managing the non-U.S. real estate portfolio, providing technical-advisory support to BCAG customers, and supporting international joint venture development. - Managed all aspects of the international real estate portfolio including strategy and planning, site selection, transactions, workplace strategies, design, construction, and facility management - Technical and advisory support on infrastructure project to airline customers and joint ventures related to real estate and facility management - Reduced transaction costs by 23%; development costs reduced by 30%; operating costs reduced by 26%; staffing costs reduced by 40%; reduced cycle times by up to 70% - Built and presented business case to create group managed on a P&L basis standardized governance and controls and improved productivity and customer satisfaction Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, 1993 - 1999 Reported to the VP, Facility Management, GM, Customer Services, and VP, CRE. Responsible for managing and operating the Asia Pacific real estate portfolio and providing technical and advisory support to BCAG customers and Asia Pacific joint venture development. - Reduced costs: transactions 32%; development 26%; operations 48%; cycle time 50% - Inventoried and restructured the Japan portfolio reducing operating costs by 28% - Developed a composites facility for a Malaysian joint venture and Chinese joint venture delivering the projects under budget and ahead of schedule - Consolidated all the Boeing-MD facilities resulting in improved operational efficiencies - Built and presented business case to create group managed on a P&L basis standardized governance and controls and improved productivity and customer satisfaction Country Manager, China, 1991 - 1993 Reported to the VP, Facility Management, GM, Customer Services, and VP, CRE. Responsible for managing and operating the China real estate portfolio and providing technical and advisory support to our Chinese customers. - Acquired space and developed a headquarters for Boeing China - Developed a 300k distribution center in Beijing - Reduced costs of transactions 7%, operations 12%, and staffing 23% Int’l Program Manager, Customer Training Centers (BCAG), 1988 - 1991 Reported to the VP of Facility Management and General Manager of Customer Services. Responsible for campus development, training center development, and technical and advisory services to our customer base for training centers and airport infrastructure. - Acquired and master planned a 212 acre campus for a BCAG - Developed a $140MM 600k SF training facility ahead of schedule and 20% under budget. The scope of work included designing and implementing a paperless system for designing training courses and development and implementation of workplace strategies for staff and students - Accelerated systems furniture installation by 300% by adopting BCAG wire shop processes and co-developing a lay-in integrated wiring system within the systems furniture - Developed (3) 160k SF training centers in China under budget and on schedule - Provided technical support for the Zhuhai Int’l airport cargo center and heliport Real Estate Leader, Boeing Electronics - Engineering Division, 1985 - 1988 Reporting to the VP of engineering, I was responsible for managing all real estate and facility management activities overseeing a staff of 14 people. - Acquired and developed 91-acre corporate campus within budget and schedule. Campus consisted of 1.8MM SF of office space, 360k SF manufacturing facility, 90k SF research and development facility, 72k SF material processing lab, and electronic design center - Responsible for developing and implementing the company workplace strategy - Developed a CAD-based software application to allow business units to self-manage space based on human resource needs and the location of internal talent. Application reduced real estate staffing by 20%, churn rates by 80%, and move cycle times from three months to one week - Managed an annual budget of $58MM while supporting a first year headcount growth of 900+ engineers Project Manager, CRE Everett Facility , 1980 - 1985 - Created site master plan to accommodate the addition of the 757 and 767 product lines - Developed (3) 180k SF office building beating the delivery date and under running the budget by 14%. The scope of work included the development and implementation of multiple workplace strategies and staff relocation from three different locations within the Puget Sound area - Expanded flight line support facilities with 100k SF of office space and paint hanger Construction Services, CRE Everett Facility, 1978 - 1980 - Worked as construction plumber installing fire protection systems, domestic water supply, and process piping - My starting position would as a janitor servicing office and manufacturing space


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