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Gudrun Freund-Köhler


Project Manager, Eurex Clearing AG

Location: Frankfurt, Germany


Certified Scrum Product Owner


Work experience

Eurex AG, Coach/Facilitator
May 2012 - Present, Frankfurt, Germany
Summary: ------------ May 2012 - present Coach/Facilitator for Deutsche Boerse development teams part-time assignment (around 5-10% - 80 hours in 2012) Details: ------------ In addition to my permanent product owner role in the risk management area I assist development teams at Deutsche Boerse to perform regular retrospectives. My job there is to present the purpose and the techniques of agile retrospectives to team members so that they are prepared for retrospective sessions. These development teams work in traditional waterfall environment. Due to negative experiences they were facing in especially one project they decided to start thinking about what they can change to make it better. We started with a project retrospective to reflect what happened during 2011. Now I am facilitating a retrospective with one team in a 6-weeks cycle. In 2013 additional teams announced willingness to start retrospectives in similar cycles. Currently I spend around 5%-10% of my work for trainings, preparation and facilitation of retrospectives.

Eurex AG, Product Owner
February 2012 - Present, Frankfurt, Germany
Summary: ---------- Starting Feb 2012 I am working as Product Owner (full-time) in a project at Eurex AG. Approximately 1600 working hours til 31.12.2012. Details: -------------- I am working as product owner in a functional team of business analysts, architects and product owners. Our target is to build a new risk management system using state-of-the-art risk methodologies. It will step-wise replace the current productive risk management system which is part of the Eurex system landscape. Our software providers are partially in-house partially near-shore. The near-shore Scrum teams have local Product Owners installed as counterpart for the respective business analysts team here in Frankfurt. These teams develop the core risk calculation functionality. The data persistence level for this core system and data warehouse facilities are supported by a development team in-house. I am the Product Owner of this team. As well I am responsible for data analysis and reporting features we offer in a business intellegence tool. My duties are: - Collecting requirements from different stakeholders; checking feasibility and reasonable integration in existing architecture with the team. - Contact person in and outside the functional team in case of issues around data warehousing and data analysis. Here is the target to identify impacts of core system changes to the data warehouse parts of the risk management system and address them. Also I am serving as first contact in case of questions about reasonable integration of features and possible timelines. - Prioritization of requirements I am consolidating the different requirements and bringing them into a feasible order. The priorities are visible in an agile project mangement tool we are using - Rally so that it is transparent to the different stakeholders. In addition I am organizing regular prioritization workshops for better transparency. - Backlog maintanance Together with other functional team members I am maintaining the backlog. We have one project wide product backlog for the new risk management. - Change management One important job in the beginning of the project was to convince our in-house customers to switch to a new business intellegence tool for historical data analysis. The customers insisted on the old approach therefore we started several measurements to sell the benefits and gains of the new tool like trainings and prototyping of features the customers required for long time. - Release Planning - Product Review Together with customer representatives I am preparing test cases as input for the review and we are reviewing the increments. - Reporting towards project management and other project teams

Deutsche Boerse AG, Scrum Master
June 2011 - January 2012, Frankfurt, Germany
Summary: ----------- June 2011 - Jan 2012 Scrum Master in a Deutsche Boerse development team Details: ----------- I was facilitating a team of 7-9 developers as Scrum Master full-time for 8 months (around 1120 hours). We were implementing a new customer interface to the Eurex Clearing System basing on standard technologies. This project was setup in SCRUM mode to gain insights into agile software development and agile project management techniques. We have been assisted by an external coach during the first 4 months intensively. He held trainings like introduction courses, vision workshops and other topics to all team members. With his support we were experiencing how SCRUM works out in an unexperienced team with an unexperienced working environment. After some months we succeeded to come to a point were we could deliver PSPs in short 2-weeks cycles. I could concentrate during this time on my Scrum Master role to support the team by taking over more responsibility than in the usual waterfall approach the company projects follow. We learned how things can be done more effective when working "really" together hand in hand. My focus was mainly in the coaching and facilitating area. This was very challenging as the team was used to work in a hierarchical environment where they could trust that a project manager (like me in the past) was taken over responsibility and tasks like work distribution and planning. Therefore I was spending efforts to gain trust in the team to have an open mood where especially during retrospectives team members felt confident to share all kinds of ideas or feedback irrespective if negative or positive.


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