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Frederick Fernandes



Certified ScrumMaster


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I have worked as a Project Manager for 8.5 years now and have handled more situations then can be imagined. From working with external vendors (at one point I was simultaneously handling 7 different external solution providers), to setting up/handling a just passed out of college software team, to setting up Linux servers, to training people on Subversion, to working on international projects with remote teams etc.

I have handled software projects in business verticals such as Cash Management, International Fashion websites, Education, SharePoint based projects, and Online Travel. You name it and I have done it. I am extremely motivated, organized, disciplined and strongly believe in the Project Manager’s credo of “getting IT done”.

While reading is my passion, project management is my bread and butter. Keeping on top of projects and making sure all parts get to the finish line at the same time is one thing I do best. The ability to juggle projects and never missing a deadline didn’t just develop through my professional experience but also from handling various freelance projects over and above my full time job.

I have worked as a consultant in my free time to two completely different organizations, one a Kickboxing academy ( and an online travel portal ( to the pressures of a full time job, the lesson learned from these side projects, was either adapt or die trying. I’ve learned to budget my time and my assets, and most importantly, I’ve learned to be flexible and to get things done.


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