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Eloir Stautt


Spring Mobile Solutions

Location: Bogota, Colombia


Certified ScrumMaster



Eloir has worked with software development for more than 15 years, ind different roles from developer to project manager to business process consultant.

Started with Scrum in 2011, when went to an Agile Seminar and came back excited about how it could help with issues in the current organization, such as lack of visibility of project progress, non-integrated work among different team members and so on. Then he and a co-worker managed to convince the area to replace the waterfall & silo structure by Scrum. It was a slow transition, with everybody "learning on the fly".

After a few months, went from Brazil to Colombia to work on another area to organize a new development center there. Worked again with Scrum in early 2012, this time going deeper in the concepts and worked as Scrum Master for two starting teams. He still is SM for one of these teams, but lately worked as well with helping introduce Scrum to other projects in a different area of the same company.

Work experience

Spring Mobile Solutions, Latam Operations Manager
April 2015 - April 2016, Bogota, DC, Colombia
Responsible for project implementation and services delivery for Latam regional.

Spring Mobile Solutions, Product Development Manager
January 2012 - June 2015, Bogota, DC, Colombia
- Responsible for creating the Product Development branch in Bogota, which included among others, building the teams and implementing and coaching agile (Scrum). - Scrum Master of two teams totaling 15 developers in Colombia, which have the PO located in Brazil.

Spring Mobile Solutions, Development Center Manager
May 2011 - December 2011, Bogota, DC, CO
- Responsible for structuring and hiring the software Project Delivery team in the new Development Center in Bogota, Colombia. Previously, all relevant development activities were executed in Brazil.

Spring Mobile Solutions, Product Development Manager
August 2008 - April 2011, Sao Paulo, SP, BR
- Product development team coordination - Technical responsible for the main product of the company - Created the Process area for the Software Products team, whose activities included among others the adoption of Scrum - Also responsible for Product Sustaining Engineering and Documentation areas


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