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Ed Chan




Certified Scrum Product Owner



I'm a proud Canadian - born and raised on the east coast in Nova Scotia.  Went to school at the University of Waterloo where I studied Computer Engineering.  Upon graduation, I moved to sunny Northern California (Bay Area) and worked for EPSON Palo Alto Laboratory (a division of EPSON Research and Development) developing client software for controlling/managing the EPSON PhotoPC digital camera.  I later joined a startup, Andromedia, doing server-side development of a web personalization/recommendation server (called LikeMinds), leveraging collaborative filtering techniques to tailor/personalize users web experience (think Netflix movie recommendations, or Amazon book recommendations).  Andromedia was acquired by Macromedia where I joined a new team that was being formed by Jonathan Gay (creator of Flash, former Macromedia CTO) to create a new real-time collaboration server leveraging the ubiquity of Flash Player as the client.  This resulted in Flash Communication Server, later rebranded Flash Media Server.  This was also the team that created Flash Video, which along with Flash Media Server resulted in the explosion of video content that is available online today.  This team also created Macromedia Breeze (now Adobe Connect), a web conferencing solution.  Macromedia was later acquired by Adobe Systems, where I served as Engineering Manager in the Video Solutions group (which included Flash Media Server and various other video related initiatives).  And now I've returned to my realtime communication roots and joined the awesome team at Skype.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, and playing sports.  I'm a huge soccer fan (Manchester United rule!), and still lace up the boots as a weekend warrior.  I also enjoy playing hockey (ice hockey - the only "real" kind of hockey); I'm a Leafs fan, with the Sharks my adopted team.  But I enjoy almost all sports.

Work experience

Skype, Engineering Management
March 2012 - Present, , United States
Manage engineering team working on back end components and architecture.


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