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Daigo Tanaka


Senior Software Engineer, Five Stars Loyalty Inc.

Location: Mountain View, CA


Certified ScrumMaster



My core technical expertise has been in computational geometry and numerical analysis. When I was researching in academic institutions, my skills were applied to mathematically model human body; the geometric and physical properties of the human organs were modeled to simulate their activities for the medical applications.

After studying in the field of the medical imaging and the surgical simulation for 11 years, I switched the application field to the oil and gas industry in 2007. The computational and the mathematical skill sets were applied for modeling geobody; geometric and physical properties of Earth's subsurface structures are modeled for the reflective seismology applications.

From 2012, I decided to leave the oil and gas industry to venture into a yet new journey as a senior software in a start up company in the heart of Silicon Valley.

I'm also interested in the project management and the process improvements in software development. I completed number of software development trainings including: Software Estimation (Instructor: Steve Mcconnell, the author of Code Complete), Agile Design and Modeling for Advanced Object Design with Patterns (Instructor: Craig Larman, the author of Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum), Agile Software Development with Scrum (also instructed by Craig Larman). I'm currently a member of Scrum Alliance (I am a Certified Scrum Professional and Certified Scrum Master).

Work experience

Five Stars Loyalty Inc., Senior Software Engineer
January 2012 - Present, Mountain VIew, California, United States
I introduced the team about Scrum, and the team is totally hooked. I pressed the point that we should practice Scrum by the book, and team is so far following the basics of Scrum. I am very excited that the team is adapting it, and I am ready to keep my eyes on how it evolves as a CSM.

Schlumberger, Software developer
July 2007 - December 2011, Houston, Select a State, United States
Developed an algorithm of automatically remove non-manifold geometric entities from the geobody model for reflective seismology applications Improved the algorithm to reconstruct water-tight compartment of geological structures from intersecting surfaces Co-lead the implementation of the Scrum practices in Agile software projects distributed across USA, France and Norway


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