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Chee Yong Lee


Associate Director, NCS Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore, Singapore


Certified ScrumMaster



My name is Chee Yong, born in Singapore.

I am a seasoned software development leader with a proven track record of architecting and delivering reliable and scalable systems in domains spread across hospitality, consumer electronics, telecommunication, defense and educational sectors. I have worked in Singapore, Malaysia, China and United States, managing multinational teams comprising more than 30 IT professionals.

I have benefited from working in different functional roles ranging from SW program management, offshore outsourcing, software development, quality assurance and project management. Handling project escalations, managing project risks and timeline schedule discussion with top management stakeholders, seeking win-win solutions to often conflicting priorities across concurrent SW projects, levering upon external outsourced SW teams to deliver SW modules in hybrid development models, provisioning for competency development of employees and optimizing human resource deployment across different simultaneous projects are the tasks I juggle well with as a senior software development manager. I have good hands on experience in deploying development best practices required to deliver projects on time, on schedule, with the specified scope at good quality.

A strong believer in agile methodology, I have introduced and deployed SCRUM with significant success in improving intra and inter team communication and reducing defects turn-around time.

I served as a Scrum-Master in Agilent Technologies, teaching values such as self-organization and teamwork to the team. I work closely with the Product Owner to help groom the product backlog, and guided the team in best practices such as continuous integration, code refactoring, pair programming.

In Philips Electronics, I served as the Scrum Coach, guiding 2 scrum-master in the respective scrum adoption. I also helped to provide the agile development process within the Philips SW development processes. Under my involvement, our project manager managed to achieve CMMI Level 3 while carrying out agile development work.

In NCS Pte Ltd, as the agile practice lead, my role is to promote the agile development methodology within the service provider company. This is achieved through serving as coaches to the existing project teams and providing just in time agile education from scrum process overview, engineering best practices to agile project management.

I am a certified CSM, PSM I, PSM II and PMI-ACP.



Work experience

NCS Pte Ltd, Agile Practice Lead
October 2012 - Present, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
As an Agile Practice Lead, my main role is to normalize NCS Agile Development Methodology and promote the adoption of agile development throughout the company. This is achieved through providing internal training on SCRUM processes, agile best practices. The team which I lead consist of Agile practitioners who get seeded into existing development teams to coach them to improve their development practices.

FCS Computer System, Vice President
June 2012 - September 2012, KL, Selangor, Malaysia
As Vice President of development, I looked after the outsourcing development work with annual operating budget of 400K USD. Coordinating activities between internal SW teams spread across 3 different geographical locations and external software suppliers, handling project quotation, negotiating for more cost effective pricing and ensuring relevant, competent members are available in the outsourced development centre are the activities I handled on a day to day basis. Quality assurance and internal user acceptance testing are two departments I oversee. In this role, I lead a team of 15 QA personnel with annual operating budget of 240K USD in ensuring that running projects are effectively tested through a combination of functional, performance and security penetration testing before the projects transit to operations. The quality assurance department is also in charge of promoting the adoption of CMMI practises and has guided the whole SW development team in KL Malaysia to achieve CMMI Level 3. I head the development team comprising of 20 personnel with annual operating budget of 520K USD targeted at solutions in the hospitality industry. The J2EE development team is based in Shenzhen China. Technologies covered include J2EE, Hibernate, GWT, MySQL, Amazon Web Services EC2, PHP and Linux OS. I also oversee the program management of the 10+ development projects. I identify bottlenecks in project progress, communicate the interdependencies of one project to another and coordinate the development teams and QA team activities to effectively support these projects in roadmap so as to ensure timely delivery of the products.

Philips Singapore, Senior Manager
September 2010 - May 2012, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
In the role of as a section manager for a team size of 18 with annual operating budget of 720K USD, I am responsible for managing Consumer Lifestyle Television software products and component development activities undertaken within Innovation Site Singapore. The Innovation Site in Singapore covers all the software development and validation activities running in Philips TV sets sold in the Latin American market with annual sales of 300M USD. My area of responsibility covers software development, release and sustenance support to meet/exceed objectives and expectations set in project and product specification with respect to schedule, commitment and quality. Through introducing agile development processes (SCRUM) and better requirements management techniques, I am able to improve the project team project efficiency by 10%. As my team supports 7-8 different projects throughout the whole year, I played a critical role in human resource allocation for these different TV SW projects, while striking a sustainable loading and training opportunities for my team members. People development is a key focus area. Through regular performance appraisal, setting challenging but realistic work targets and coaching activities, I guided my team members to realize their greater potential both in technical areas and essential soft skills that are necessary to succeed in the workplace environment. To order to identify key persons both inside the team and outside the team to take up new development opportunities, understanding the strength, weakness and limitations of each and every member of my team is an important skill that I have became proficient in. The projects are often achieved through close collaboration of OEM/ODM chip-set vendors. Supplier selection, setting statement of work and tactful monitoring of supplier deliveries and escalation of issues and introducing improved ways of collaboration through past project learning are essential processes that I am actively responsible for.

Agilent Technologies, Technical Lead
November 2009 - August 2010, Singapore, Singapore
Led a team of 7 engineers in developing common services components in multi-million telecommunication assurance product line. The product deals with monitoring network infrastructures for customers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T. The development team I head is responsible for projects in delivering common services components. These common services include life cycle, common alarming, common configuration, single sign on (SSO) and communication infrastructure that create the foundation for different suites of application to build upon. Served as the Scrum Master utilizing agile software development model. Removing team impediments and refining work processes is one of my key role. Responsible for underlying architecture and design. Coached and mentored the team in cultivating good software development best practices, design patterns and delivery of quality software products within schedule and budget constraints. Integrated various open-sourced technologies such as Adobe Flex, Open MQ, mySql, Apache Tomcat, JMX to provide solutions in a highly-networked and distributed deployment landscape. Daily activities also include project planning, resource allocation and providing ad hoc on the job training and managing complex engineering requirements. Identifying talented engineers who are able to take on greater responsibility and subsequently providing them with the opportunity and environment to grow is also an important area of my job. Initiated process improvement activities across the different software development teams in the organization by promoting the use of static code analysis tools as part of white-box testing and usage of software metrics to effectively monitor key areas of project progress, quality, maintainability and customer satisfaction.

Defence Science Technology Agency, Software Quality Assurance Manager
May 2004 - January 2009, Singapore, Singapore
Software Quality Assurance Manager Served as the Software Quality Assurance Manager. Reviewed software contractual requirements, software testing documents and conducted pre-deployment assessment. Most of the projects that I was involved in are highly classified military projects. Audited software quality assurance processes of software vendors including MNC companies. As lead for the safety testing in my department, I have also undertaken the task of reviewing the source codes for safety critical systems, including a few artillery projects. For the transformation effort in improving the software quality of IT systems in MINDEF/DSTA, I was rewarded with a DSTA Team Excellence Award in 2008. After receiving 5 consecutive years of Band 1 ranking in annual employee performance evaluations, I am placed in DSTA Leadership Development Scheme. Under this programme, I received mentorship from senior leaders in the organization and participated in a few change management initiatives. Enterprise Application Integration Technical Lead Technical lead for going-on projects within Enterprise Application Integration programme. I was responsible for the design and operation support of application notification services. By applying knowledge and experience of the CIT environment and mapping to projects business requirements, I have advised application projects teams on their integration strategies and approaches on how data are captured and shared across various systems while applying the approximate integration design patterns. I played a pro-active role in mentoring junior members of the EAI team on the CIT integration landscape, standard operating procedures in our complex working environment. I was the lead investigator in the evaluation of many leading edge Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies such as ESB and XML Firewall. I have demonstrated both conceptual understanding and extensive hands-on experience utilizing Java, XML and Webmethods middleware solutions to integrate with enterprise backend such as SAP systems, Oracle Systems, J2EE system and .NET system. Projects that I was involved in during these 3 years as an integration specialist include E-HR transformation, Enterprise System, Procurement System (PRS) and electronic mobilization (e-MOB). I am also the project lead for the Enterprise Notification Gateway (ENG) project that has a budget of 200K SGD. This gateway provides the mechanism for various enterprise applications to send messages via a variety channels ranging from SMS, emails and FAX. Managed the procurement activities for this project from vendor management to software licenses purchase and renewal. I also served as meeting secretary for corporate level meetings chaired by senior management level. The role of meeting secretary exposed me to human resource planning, financial control measures and strategic planning activities undertaken by top management, this providing me a good learning opportunity.

DSO National Labs, J2EE Developer
July 2002 - April 2004, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Developed a suite of technologies for automatic processing and analysis of textual information. This application support analysts in the systematic collection, organization and analysis of structured text. Various home-grown Natural Language Processing tools like categorization, summarization, search, clustering, entity network generation were employed. This project consists of one year overseas attachment to The Arlington Institute based in Virginia, USA. This project is developed using the Extreme Programming (XP) methodology. Practised pair-programming and iterative development under the guidance of an experience software architect. Skills picked up through this project include J2EE development, .NET development and Oracle database management. This project won the Defence Technology Prize 2007, Team (R&D) Award.


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