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Chris Watts


Project / Programme Manager , Watts Associates

Location: London


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

London, UK


Chris Watts has extensive experience of application development and implementation working within the finance sectors for four major US and European Banks over the last 15 years. His certifications include PMP, Prince, MSP, ISEB Business Analysis, DSDM, CST and Six Sigma. He transitioned from traditional Waterfall approaches firstly to DSDM in 2002 and then to scrum in 2007. 


In the last few  years Chris has helped deliver enterprise wide complex projects requiring scalable scrums to support development, architecture and infrastructure teams.

He has been delivering software for the the financial and health service providers which have included: Derivatives re-engineering programmes, Post Execution Services, Event / Trade Repositories, Business Event Monitoring Portals, Intra Day Sales Blotters and corporate Web and Intranet projects.

Chris has also been active in identifying, evaluating and promoting  early adoption within the large financial service providers Agile aligned project and portfolio management toolsets.

It has become apparent that often agile methodologies are only applied in isolation to application development and the rest of the process in the IT supply chain remains traditionally waterfall.  By introducing Agile aligned Project and Portfolio Management, tools are available to combine Agile development planning and management with Enterprise planning and deployment.  This meets the increasing governance and compliance requirements demanded of finance service providers and also offers seamless collaboration across teams and departments.

 Chris is a strong advocate of the Scrum and with his knowledge of financial markets is able to share the benefits of scrum with key senior managers  through coaching and knowledge sharing.  Working with Business Development Groups , Chris provides Product Owner coaching to business people and providing learning to express requirements as user stories.





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