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Fang Wan


Project Manager, NGA.NET

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Certified ScrumMaster



Fang Wan

Work experience

NGA.NET, Project Manager
March 2014 - Present, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Implement Agile

Autodesk, Project Manager
September 2011 - Present, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Project Manager, Autodesk Software (China) Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Branch All below projects are fulltime of 40 hours per week. 1) Sep2011-May2012 Scrum Master of "Blue Glue" development team. 2) Apr2012-Dec2012 Scrum Master of "Interop" development team. Launched Scrum and facilitated the team until product release 3) Sep2012-present Scrum Master of "Stairs&Railings" development team. Lauch Scrum of Scrumes.

Articles I've written

Financially Positioning an Agile Transformation
The Internet revolution has made the IT industry grow faster, and die faster too. Any organization that survives must have good judgment regarding finances. However, it is tricky to align Agile implementation to revenue growth, because the ROI can never be that linear.

Estimation in Revolution
Two different people may spend different numbers of person-days to finish the same project. The question, from a financial perspective, is whether we should value the work or the hours.


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