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Clare Tunstall


Scrum Master and Agile Coach, Cambridge University Press

Location: Cambridge, UK


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Clare Tunstall

I have over 20 years of software experience. In 2011 I attended CSM training and a light switched on, it gave me the confidence to speak up when things feel wrong, and the means to demonstrate what is wrong. 

I am passionate about continuous improvement and care deeply about people, how they communicate with each other, and the processes they create. I now tackle problems head on, and by making them visible through the Agile processes, and adopting the Buddhist Proverb that “the obstacle is the path” as my personal mantra, I have been able to change my workplace, and our products, for the better for myself and my colleagues.

As the first Scrum Master at CUP, I soon learned that a pragmatic and responsive approach to our adoption, which followed general principles, was better than a dogmatic application of a set of rules. I attended my first Global Scrum Gathering and learned about supporting practices such as Continuous Delivery, Minimum Viable Product, and Communities of Practice that you don't learn in CSM training. I came home bursting with ideas & enthusiasm, and mapped out a strategy to deliver an Agile transformation shortly afterwards. I shared my plans with my manager, and we have been working in partnership to deliver that vision ever since.  Needless to say I still find the Global Gatherings a rich source of inspiration and ideas.

In 2014 I became the first Agile coach at CUP, to help to develop and support more Scrum Masters. I am established as the Agile figurehead in my organisation, working on both evangelising about Agile and Scrum, and creating and supporting a sustainable community of practice. Many others in the organisation are beginning to adopt the practices and terminology, to date at least 60 people have become CSM or CSPO accredited. I expect to generate more interest when the Fall 2017 issue of AgileVox magazine is published, featuring an article on our Scrum and Agile adoption here at CUP.

My challenge now is to protect the names of Agile and Scrum to ensure that they are not used in vain, to promote our successes, to help remove impediments at an organisational level, and to continue to support our practitioners with the aim of creating a centre of excellence.  I am also planning on giving more back to the wider Agile community from which I have learned so much, and am delighted to have recently been accepted as a speaker at Agile Cambridge 2017.

Work experience

Cambridge University Press, Agile Coach
January 2014 - Present, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, GB
My remit is to work closely with product development/delivery teams and product owners across our department to facilitate Agile organisational transformation through training, coaching and shaping of world-class software development practices. Whilst doing this, I retain an element of hands-on agile delivery remit, acting as Scrum Master to a new or struggling team, for example.

Cambridge University Press, Scrum Master
September 2011 - December 2013, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, GB
Responsible for owning and delivering a portfolio of technology projects centred around online products and marketing websites. I discovered Agile Software Development in this role and and became the first Scrum Master (CSM) at CUP. With the support of my manager I introduced Agile practices and methodology both to the department and more widely to the business, with an emerging role as agile 'evangelist', change agent and coach.


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