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Christopher Schnugh


Agile Coach, Consultant and Scrum Master, Assurity Consulting Limited

Location: Auckland, New Zealand


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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South Africa


Chris Schnugh is my name. I have grown into the role of Scrum Master out of various roles including that of Project Manager. I have had the priviledge of working in a number of industries including Financial Services, Commercial Airlines, Printing, CRM, IT, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Freight Forwarding and others. My first exposure to Scrum was as a new trained Scrum Master in the Financial Services industry within a team that was responsible for delivering product enhancements to an existing system. We delivered over 24 product enhancements in a 12 month period against the 2 from the previous period using the traditional project mangement approach. Scrum has proven to be such a great success for delivering new products and product enhancements for me that I am readjusting my career path from Project Management into Scrum.

Work experience

Assurity Consulting Limited, Senior Agile Coach
February 2016 - Present, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
I was employed at Assurity to fulfill the role of a Senior Agile Coach and consultant in a variety of engagements namely; - As an enterprise coach to assist organisation leaders at the Executive level with their Agile transformation - As a team coach to help teams and individuals grow, improve and change - As a trainer to provide training to the public and to private organisations in various areas (Agile Fundamentals, Product Owner, Kanban, Scrum jumpstart) - As a consultant to help organisations assess their Agile mindset, processes and practices with a view to shaping a transformation roadmap for Agile within their organisation

IQ Business (Pty) Ltd, Agile Consultant
November 2015 - February 2016, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
I was employed into the @gility division of IQ Business that is 100% focused on delivering Agile projects, consulting on best-practice Scrum and Agile tool and techniques, guiding Agile adoption within organisations and placing Scrum Masters and Coaches into organisations. My role was to fulfill the role of Agile consultant and Scrum Master in a number of @gility's clients.

Discovery Vitality International, Scrum Master
September 2014 - October 2014, Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA
• Perform the duties of a Scrum Master including; o Facilitate the planning and acceptance of the team’s sprint work through Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning 1 (What) and Sprint Planning 2 (How) ceremonies o Coach the product owners on how to write user stories into the industry standard format o Coach and assist the team in sizing all of the stories that have been created in the product backlog o Assist the team in capturing their story tasks in JIRA (Agile tool for tracking sprints) o Assist the team to keep on track with their current sprint by facilitating the daily stand-up meeting to identify what work has been completed against what still needs to be done o Assist the team to understand if they are on track to make their sprint commitment or not and what will be required from them to deliver on their commitment if they are behind o Coach and assist the team to identify current impediments that are preventing them from completing the currently days commitment o Ensure that all impediments are highlighted and are resolved in the shortest time possible • Other responsibilities; • Setting up a sprint framework for effective BAU delivery • Identifying the weaknesses within the current delivery model and addressing those • Assist in creating a flow for the incoming work requests from Australia and Singapore • Assisting with capacity management and planning • Employ the services of an Agile Coach to assist the team in growing their Agile understanding and abilities • Ensure that only approved work was provided to the team • I also assisted the International Digital Mobile team as a stand-in Scrum master until the position was filled • I assisted the South African BAU team to manage their delivery as a stand-in until they filled the position • I provided Discovery Vitality Agile induction training to the new employees at Vitality

Barclays Africa Limited, Project Manager
November 2013 - August 2014, Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA
• End to end management of IT related projects • Manage the team responsible for the implementation of the banc assurance product on ABSA on-line. • Ensure full governance compliance within the Barclays SDLC for the chosen delivery methodology i.e. Scrum or Waterfall

Nedbank Limited, Scrum Master
December 2011 - October 2013, Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA
• Fulfill the role of a Product Delivery Manager responsible for delivering increments of software functionality through an iterative process • Manage the delivery of each increment by utilising the Scrum software development methodology • Manage the cross functional team responsible for the delivery of each increment namely; the developers, the software (front end and backend ) testers and the analysts • Create and maintain relationships with the business clients • Manage the development team as their line manager responsible for the career growth, performance management and training • Act as the coach to the team to grow them in the agile (Scrum) methodology as well as becoming a self-organising team that drives the value of continuous improvement with each increment that is delivered • Form part of the Change Approval Board (CAB) where system changes are discussed and a decision is made to either approve or decline the change • Manage the list (Product Backlog) of incoming system change requests through the channel of refinement from Epics (unrefined work) down to user stories (Refined work) in order to ensure that each item was sized, ranked in terms of importance and grouped into a logical future releases • Fulfill all the duties associated with being a Scrum Master • Chair the various meetings including the Steering Committee Meeting (Steerco) as well as the various status update meetings

Comair Limited, Project Manager
November 2009 - November 2011, Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA
• Monitor and manage numerous projects through the inception, planning, execution and closing phases • Compile various project artifacts and maintain the various project logs as well as keep the project schedule up to date • Build and maintain customer and partner relationships with the various project stakeholders both internally and externally • Responsible for ensuring vendors timesheets matched the work that was delivered •Negotiating vendor contracts and managing the contract terms throughout the project • On certain projects was required to perform the role of a Business Analyst due to his experience as an analyst previously • For one project was asked to undertake the role of Product Manager in order to better manage the product uptake within the organization - Make use of some of the Scrum principles to deliver one of the projects


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