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Cristopher Morris


Solutions Designer, Insperity

Location: Houston, TX


Certified Scrum Developer



Cristopher Morris

I began writing programs when I was 12 years old. This quickly became a hobby, that eventually expanded into a college degree, and then into a profession.

I began working in a scrum(ish) environment in 2008.  By this, I mean that we had a task board and we had a daily standup.  However, the standup tended to be a standing meeting.

I began working in full Scrum in 2011, in my present position. 



Work experience

Insperity, Business Applications Developer
October 2010 - Present, Kingwood, TX
Developer on a business-facing team - providing support and enhancements to existing applications. Developer on a head start team - getting up to speed on technologies that are being introduced into the company in order to speed time to market for the teams designing solutions around those technologies.


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