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Carol Moore


Product Owner, GE Healthcare

Location: Burlington, Vermont/USA


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Carol Moore has an extensive background in radiology, with over 35 years experience as a Registered Radiologic Technologist in General Radiography and Mammography, including 8 years as a mammography coordinator, and 21 years as a product owner for IDXrad RIS and Centricity RIS-IC (formerly Imagecast), GE Healthcare’s Radiology Information System software solutions.

Ms. Moore is affiliated with a number of professional organizations and has worked on a statewide mammography registry for Vermont, continuing education in mammography and radiologic technology, breast cancer study, and breast cancer education and quality assurance for breast care providers.  She is also a member of DICOM Working Group 15.

Ms. Moore has provided radiography and mammography training to healthcare and information systems personnel, as well as to the community through affiliation with the American Cancer Society.  The content of the training has covered a broad spectrum, from an introduction to mammography procedure, through general and special radiographic positioning, quality control testing, quality assurance measures, legislative requirements for mammography, public relations and marketing of breast imaging services, information system requirements, and outcomes monitoring.

Expanding her focus to information systems, Ms. Moore has developed functional specifications for three mammography tracking systems, two of which are marketed by GE Healthcare.  She developed enhancements to the legacy radiology information system software, IDXrad RIS, to present the Physician’s Module with a graphical user interface and to expand the follow-up and outcome monitoring functionality.  Additionally, she has been a continuing part of the design of the Centricity RIS-IC application and is considered the domain expert for the integrated Mammography Administration Module (MAM).

As a Product Owner and a Principal Workflow Consultant in mammography for GE Healthcare customers, Ms. Moore’s skills include project management, product requirements analysis, product design, excellent oral and written communication, leadership, knowledge of the profession and industry, product vision, and creativity.




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