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Colin Haeberlin


IT Project Manager

Location: Skokie, IL, USA


Certified ScrumMaster



Colin Haeberlin is a project management professional (PMP Certified and CSM Certified) manager with over fifteen years experience directing large enterprise information technology projects. He has a proven ability to identify and effectively collaborate with stakeholders in order to deliver simultaneous projects on time and within budget. Colin brings the ability to set goals and direction for clients, management, technical and development teams while ensuring creative and effective business solutions. He has interceded with business partners, clients, suppliers, franchisees, staff and senior management to translate business requirements into efficient, cost effective and profitable applications.
Colin has computer software application development experience in property and medical insurance, retail, wholesale, enterprise conversions, real estate, accounting, credit card and information technology infrastructures systems; where he has gathered, designed, documented, developed and implemented unique creative business solutions. As a manager, he instilled loyalty, respect and support by directing and encouraging team involvement, superior performance and mutual cooperation. In addition, Colin has managed in difficult economic environments to ensure business survival as well as managed a major corporate expansion program. He has strong written and verbal communication skills for technical and non-technical audiences; and has successfully presented new ideas and directions which, when adopted by the board of directors and/or senior management have been proven correct.
Haeberlin has successfully implemented enterprise conversion projects and startup enterprise business systems. He has extensive change management and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance experience. 
Prior to becoming a permanent resident and US Citizen, Colin worked in Canada where he succeeded at a senior management level. Moving to the US in 1998 required him to work at a senior analyst level to meet green card requirements. 9-11 delayed this process. He then focused on project management and certification.
As consulting project manager at Encompass Insurance (an Allstate subsidiary), Colin successfully implemented extensive upgraded service options and pricing combinations called Encompass Edge in four states and received the 2008 “Encompass Award for Excellence” for taking independent action to ensure project success. He also developed a new issue/risk log system to simplify and improve project control and reduce e-mails. Colin implemented change control procedures, SOX approval processes and management reporting improvements to simplify management control and reporting processes in matrix organization. He also prepared and submitted an innovative business proposal which could strengthen Allstate.
Prior to this, Haeberlin served as a project lead with Allstate Insurance and managed a team of 8 contractors in the maintenance and later conversion of legacy systems. He also chaired stakeholder review meetings obtaining client approval for compliance and product enhancements as well as prepared systems and technical requirements documents. 
Colin briefly served as a consultant for ING Corporation in Mexico City, where he analyzed user changes for a packaged home and auto insurance software application. 
At Bridge-It Corporation in Toronto, as president, Colin managed the business functions of a software development company, which later transitioned into a public corporation. Bridge-It products included credit/debit card authorization on a personal computer client server for Digital Equipment Corporation and a Global Positioning system for a public offering of over $2 million. 
As a Software Specialist for IBM Canada, Colin sold the only 2 IBM Application Development (A/D) Cycle mainframe operating systems sold in Canada when only 17 systems were sold world wide. 
As a Director of Systems Development with Canada Post Corporation, Colin directed a team of 24 project managers, systems analysts and developers. He and his team were assigned 13 approved financial computer software projects in desperate need of adequate documentation. 
As a VP of Information Systems at MacLeod-Stedman, Colin was a signing officer. He managed 2 data centers, implemented 10 in-store point-of-sale systems and reduced development, technical support and operations staff from 72 to 43. After the leverage buyout, interest rates escalated to over 18% and sales were down 8% requiring drastic measures. Colin was instrumental in the planned corporate downsizing of the staff by 22% while maintaining profitability.  He initiated and proposed a $7.3 million dollar refinance plan to satisfy the lenders and prevent bankruptcy. He also designed and managed an automated inventory control system to fast track inventory reductions while improving service levels from 86% to over 98% within four months. To meet cash and operation cost reductions, the system was able to reduce inventory from $27 to $11 million dollars within 18 months and expedite the orderly and efficient consolidation of two distribution centers.
Additionally, Colin and his team successfully managed a six month Honeywell to IBM mainframe conversion. His team selected relationship databases, systems query language (SQL) capabilities and on-line data entry to improve client control, operational efficiencies and reporting; eliminated 26 data entry staff. They also developed disaster planning procedures and in-store point-of-sale franchised management systems. In hard economic times, he creatively negotiated a desperately needed three fold capacity hardware upgrades for 5% of the cost of the alternated IBM upgrade.
Previously, at Canadian Tire, Colin proposed and received board approval for a more aggressive expansion store development plan based on building stores based on potential penetration targets and store sizes that were attainable. As Director and Chairman of Store Development he planned 40 on going projects with a $40 million annual budget, and managed the accounting responsibilities for $200+ million in assets in over 200 store locations and initiated an expansion into western Canada.  With 60 to 70 real estate professionals, engineers, draftsmen, accounting, in store designers and set up teams; the sales projections and store profitability were proven attainable.
Colin joined Canadian Tire as Manager of Systems Development, where with a team of 13, he planned, designed and implemented a company wide systems conversion to a new generation of hardware and operating systems, structured programming and perpetual database backup with version control. The redesign took over 160 programs and consolidated them into seven key programs still used today. In addition, he developed seasonal forecasting reordering, inventory forecasting models and truck loading systems. He incorporated these design modules into a startup computerized credit card subsidiary.
Haeberlin started his career with IBM Canada and held various responsibilities from Systems Engineer and “100% club” Marketing Representative, to the first ever National Medical Systems Coordinator with team of seven where he oversaw the Hospital and Medicare systems development in Ontario and provided support for the rest of Canada. In this capacity he also designed and implemented a Medical Records System for Ontario, as well as planned seminars and spoke to Doctor’s on the use of Computers in research and in hospital records. Subsequently Colin was also promoted to one of three Advisory Systems Analysts/Engineers in Canada.  Here he excelled in creative systems designs, client relations and directing marketing support efforts.  He also programmed, designed applications and databases, supervised development, trained staff, and oversaw applications sales and implementation in over 40 accounts.
Colin received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has received extensive IBM executive, application, systems, business, marketing and software training, and completed accounting, technical writing, securities, tax and insurance sales courses. In addition, Colin obtained his certification as a project management professional (PMP) in 2008.and his Certified Scrum Master (CSM) in 2011.


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