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Christer Dahlström


Consultant in agile development, Castra AB

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to



Christer Dahlström has been working in the SW industry since 2001 and has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and after an trainee education at Ericsson in 2000 he started as a SW developer in 2001 for embedded systems. Since 2006 has Christer been working as a consultant and also from 2006 has Christer been working with different kinds of managment roles such a team leader and project manager.

In 2010 Christer attended a Scrum Master course that was held by Henrik Kniberg and has from that time Christer has been working as a Scrum master, first at a smaller scale with introducing Scrum and agile development for one of my teams at my assignment at ÅF but also later on in the whole project. Christer has since 2010 expanded his knowledge by attending different courses and taken two certifications(Product Owner and Safe Agilist). Christer has since 2013 also been co-responsible Agile progress within Castra by i.e holding an Agile introduction for colleague at Castra.

Christer has been working in several industries like telecommunication, healthcare and automotive and are today  mainly working as a Scrum Master but also as an Agile mentor for earlier assignments.

Work experience

Cerner i Sverige AB, Agile mentor
March 2015 - Present, Stockholm, Sweden
My successor at Siemens(now Cerner) wanted to have me as an Agile mentor after I finished my assignment at Cerner(former Siemens) since he was new in his Scrum Master role. We have had 1-to-1 meeting but mainly a phone sessions were we discuss different topics of Scrum and how he can improve his way of working.

Scania AB, Scrum Master
March 2015 - Present, Södertälje
During my time at Scania I have wokred with serveral teams and different applications. For a start I was Scrum master two of five teams with one of the bigger and most prioritized projects at Scania do develop a new Sales portal, which is a web application and a tool for sales and order management. The customers retailers will through the portal sell and monitor their orders. The portal is developed in .Net and JavaScript. Since it is 4-6 team working with the application we have scaled our Agile development by using some practices from SAFe. After about 1.5 year I got a new application which needed to transform to an agile way-of-working, were my role was to be Scrum Master for this team and introduce Scrum for the team. Later on on I left my start assignment regarding being SM for two teams for a sales portal and got another new team to introduce Scrum and agile way-of-working. This team have/had to suppliers providing SW to the team and product.

Siemens Healthcare, Scrum Master
January 2012 - February 2015, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
Implementing the Scrum method as the software development process for the development team and working as Scrum Master for the team, who are developing a journal system used in maternity welfare and childbirth.

ÅF, Consultant
April 2010 - April 2011, Stockholm, Sweden
I had several projects as an project manager or sub-project manager within this assignment(june 2008 to Oct 2011) but one of the projects I had, was a SW project for porting five SW tools to work in Windows Vista(previously on Win XP) were we used Scrum as a development method.


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