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Christy Clement


Agile Trainer and Coach, Davisbase Consulting

Location: Seattle, WA


Certified ScrumMaster
Registered Education Provider


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Christy Clement has been managing software projects since 2003 and implementing Agile with companies since 2008.  Christy has experience coaching traditional software teams as well as non-traditional hardware and infrastructure teams as they have moved from waterfall to Scrum and other Agile frameworks.  She has served as at one time or another in every Scrum role throughout her career. 

Christy has seen the positive impact Scrum can have and derives much satisfaction from helping teams embrace this approach.  She believes fully in the empowerment of the team, the visibility obtained, the quality of work resulting and the trust that is gained by implementing Scrum.

In addition to providing training for thousands of people and serving as a long term coach to 15 teams, she enjoys being active in the Scrum Community.  Leading open space discussions, webinars, volunteering for application reviews and getting involved in local user groups allows her to give back a little of what she's learned from this knowlegeable group of people.

Christy is a Certified Scrum Master, CSP, PMI-ACP, Six Sigma Blackbelt, holds an MBA and a BS in Chemical Engineering.


Organizations I Train Through

Approved Courses

Continuing Education

  • Collaborating and Communicating Agile Requirements
  • Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile
  • Business Analysis in Agile Projects
  • Agile in the Government Environment
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)R Workshop
  • Agile Boot Camp (Technical, Elective, Intro)

Work experience

Davisbase Consulting, Agile Trainer and Coach
October 2010 - Present, Springville, UT, United States

Trainer of Scrum and Agile teams - from Team Bootcamp classes (3 days) to role specific classes (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team members) as well as Executive classes in Scrum. All training classes are very hands-on intensive and allow the teams to get experiences in all levels of planning, backlog building, estimating, prioritization and backlog grooming. I have trained over 1500 people from all aspects of the team and business with an average instructor rating of 95%. Coach for Scrum teams - for over 2 years, in addition to training, I have served as a coach to more than 20 teams in varying industries, including teams at Charles Schwab, Walmart, Eastman Chemical and SuperValu. All teams have moved from Waterfall to Scrum and have been self-sufficient after helping them get started.

Speakeasy, Agile Project Manager
September 2008 - April 2009, Seattle, WA, United States
Initially hired to manage the System, Network and VoIP Engineering team elements of a national release of a new VoIP product. Compiled engineering budget requests for national release. Created an Agile Scrum engineering pilot team. Managed engineering releases to live. Substantially increased communication between engineering and all other departments. Transitioned 80% of the engineering groups to four Agile Scrum teams. Coordinated scrum training for the entire department. Played the role of Business Analyst and Scrummaster to build the backlog from scratch with the new teams.

Seven Simple Machines, Scrum Master
July 2007 - September 2008, Seattle, WA, United States
Responsible for multiple (4-6), concurrent software projects, each with a dedicated development and testing team. All projects targeted improving business processes for our clients, ranging from retirement management systems and HR dashboards to contact management systems (CMS). Served as a business analyst for some clients. Managed all facets of each project from budgeting and scope to user testing and implementation. Transitioned teams and clients from waterfall to Agile Scrum. Participated in a team to define the strategic mission, vision and values of the company. * Led a team in Agile software selection * All teams were self-sufficient at my departure and did not require an outside scrummaster.


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