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Chuck Chekuri


Program Manager, IngramMicro

Location: Santa Ana, CA/USA


Certified ScrumMaster



Extensive experience in working Data, Analytics, Databases and Business Intelligence. My first masters thesis in India was in Chi-Square analysis for predicting  patterns at signals and wrote programs in Fortran. Fell in love with programming and got my second masters in computer science in USA. Ever since, I was working with data; using data to solve business problems.

Experienced in Statistical Analytics, Predictive Modelling, Big Data Processing, Big Data Analytic, Data Visualization,  Data Modelling, Data Architecture, Data governance, Master data management, ETL Processing.

Skills: Predictive Analysis, Statistical Learning, R-Studio - Python - SQL - ETL Tools -
Agile Methodologies - Offshore Development - Business Analytics - Web Applications - Data Mining - SaaS Businesses - SoA architecture -  Open Source Solutions  - Rich Internet and Mobile Applications - ERP - eCommerce


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