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Bill Rinko-Gay


Founding Member, Agile Integrity, LLC

Location: New York, NY


Certified ScrumMaster


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Agile NYC


Bill Rinko-Gay

I've been involved with Software Quality Assurance since 1982. I was part of the failed movement to improve quality by improving process. I've been using Agile methods since 2005 and Scrum since 2009. I'm currently an Agile Transformation coach with a focus on Scrum.

In 2005 I read a book on Agile Project Management to gain some PDUs for my PMP certification. I used the techniques from the book to help the last workstream formed in Fannie Mae's restatement project finish first with high quality. Having been introduced to Agile, I began studying how QA could learn from Agile and improve how we assure quality rather than just test out bugs.

In 2009 I introduced Scrum to City Time so they could reduce their backlog of documented defects. At the time City Time was using traditional development, although attempting to exploit Feature Driven Development. The result was a large backlog of bugs in each release. The Scrum project significantly reduced the bug backlog while improving the overall approach to quality.

In 2010 I went to Bridgewater Associates to practice Agile QA in one of their research projects. After a brief stint at setting up an Agile Center of Excellence, the company reorganized and I was moved to pilot a Scrum project for the Data division. I learned a lot at this company about some of the personal obstacles people create when they don't understand Scrum.

In 2012 I went to NYC DoITT to help them manage projects and begin their transformation to Agile. An Agile transformation is difficult in City government because of the politics involved in City projects.

In 2013 I tried an Agile transformation with a commercial enterprise. I helped Macmillen Science and Education pilot a Scrum project and kick off their next 6 Scrum teams. There were significant obsticles we had to overcome, especially teamicide since many functional managers were afraid they would not have valid roles in Scrum.

Presently I am trying again in City government. The Department of Sanitation wants to move to Scrum as it brings the scheduling and operations process into the technology age. This time I have the full support of the CIO and everyone down to the individual team members.

Work experience

Macmillan Higher Education, Transformation Coach
July 2013 - Present, New York, NY

Coaching Macmillan Higher Education as they transform themselves to an Agile organization using Scrum.

NYC DoITT, Project Manager/Scrum Coach
February 2012 - Present, New York, NY
Managing several projects and providing coaching/mentoring advice to other PMs as NYC DoITT transitions to Scrum.

DSNY, Agile Transformation Coach/Scrum Master
June 2014 - Present, New York, NY, US
Help the Department of Sanitation move to Scrum in all development projects.

Articles I've written

You May Be a Scrum-But
Organizations that are trying to implement Agile may turn to Scrum. But unless you make the shift and become Agile, implementing Scrum won't let you achieve the success that Agile is known for. I call organizations that implement Scrum without ma...

Piloting Agile at Macmillan Science and Education
At Macmillan Technical Services, we . . . decided to pilot Scrum with a single development team, and I'd like to share our experience for others who may be looking to start their own pilot Scrum project.


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