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Brett Burley



Certified ScrumMaster



Brett Burley 

I began my professional career with the U.S. Air Force as a Telecommunication Equipment Specialist immediately upon graduating from High School. After my four year enlistment I was accepted by Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where I received my undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Engineering (1994). After RIT, I accepted a position with IBM, Gaithersburg where I was on a team designing and building the IBM Global Network, followed by a quick stint with Sprint building the AOL network, and subsequently a long tour on various assignments with SAIC, Reston/San Diego as a network/security engineer. After a few years in San Diego we moved to Sydney, Australia where I rejoined IBM, focusing on information security aspects of new and existing projects. We ended up back in Virginia in 2004, where I rejoined SAIC as a security architect. All of this has provided me with a broad range of experience encompassing many aspects of information systems technology and security as well as the perspective gained from working with lots of people and traveling extensively.

I am currently employed by, and working with the world-class software developers of Near Infinity. I get involved with many things at Near Infinty, but since I am not a software developer by trade, one of my primary roles is (now that I am certified) Scrum Master. The agile approach to software development is not new to Near Infinity. We've been doing it for most of our young companie's existance. In fact, I believe we can take credit for agile being an accepted approach to product development by our primary customer.

If you attend the No Fluff, Just Stuff conference in Reston, VA, no doubt you will run into a bunch of us from Near Infinity. Please introduce yourself.


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