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Angeline Yuen Yuen Tan


Principal Consultant, Agilemeister and Gang, LLC

Location: San Francisco


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Angeline Tan has over 15 years of project management experience in the public and private sectors. She brings a wealth of project management and Agile perspectives to coaching Agile teams and lean start ups to build great products. Angeline has organized and founded several Agile communities and events, including the San Francisco Agile Conference, Agile Philanthropy San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. She is a coordinating committee member Bay Area Agile Leadership Network and the San Francisco Rails outreach program for women. She was a University of California at Berkeley campus Diversity Facilitator assisting departments to manage organizational transition and changes. From coaching start-ups to helping companies transition to Agile, Angeline’s passion is in creating a culture of peer learning and collaboration. Angeline has a B.A. & M.A. from CAL. A bon vivant, Angeline is fondly known as the San Francisco Agile Ambassador in her home city, San Francisco.

Work experience

GE Digital, Agile Leader/Coach
March 2014 - Present, San Francisco, California
Agile Practice Experience • Provide leadership to teams to inspect and adapt in order to facilitate Product Line Leader and teams learn quickly and adapt to competing priorities in a dynamic, changing environment. • Leverage factors in the organization that affect teams’ ability to adapt to change and deliver value successfully. • Facilitate and reinforce agile processes, coaching, guiding and removing issues blocking the teams’ efficiency and productivity. • Facilitate Scrum rituals as in Daily Stand Ups, Weekly Sprint Planning, Sprint Review/Demo and Retrospectives • Produce Scrum artifacts as in user stories/tasks cards, burn-down/burn-up charts, Retrospective notes, lessons learned and action items. • Manage communications between the development teams, product owners, and VP of Engineering Practices. And to a lesser extent, c-level executives. • Protect the development teams from distractions; for example, representing teams in Scrum of Scrum meetings, project managers updates, and roll out/code freeze, testing code integration coordination. • Identify and remove impediments to the development teams; for example, coordinating work deliverables from other development teams, reaching out to distributed team members, representing team in bringing issues with relevant stakeholder to remove work blocker and/or bottle necks. • Timely intervention that protects the success of the development teams in their sprints via analytic tools. • An Agile Servant Leader/Scrum Master facilitating and adhering to internal Agile methodology, principles and practices and to remove impediments from the team to enable them for success. • Work closely with IT Product Management to achieve business objectives and values, priori- ties, product vision and success metrics parameters. • Ensure team cohesiveness and coordinating work and communication across virtual and global cross-functional teams. • Lead, influence and negotiate with teams, stakeholders, and product management to achieve sprint clear and precise business objectives and goals..


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