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Alex O'Neal


UX architect, analyst, manager, strategist

Location: Austin, Texas


Certified Scrum Product Owner


Alex can be seen in the wild in the Austin area, working on her laptop to optimize user experience for a Fortune 50 technology company.  Occasionally she leaves the work environment to forage for books or good food. 

Alex's background includes:

  • Taxonomy guru; working with online databases as far back as 1991. 15+ years back end, navigation, content strategy, search and UI taxonomy expertise. Designed and implemented flexible taxonomy integrating all (intranet, extranet, internet) Nortel Network platforms in 2000; numerous accomplishments since. 
  • Information architecture, usability, graphic design, web analytics, etc. since 1998. Specializations in research, testing, and analytics, as well as extensive search experience.
  • Learning programming on punch cards in the early-to-mid eighties (Cobol, Pascal, FORTRAN, BASIC). A smattering of Java and Perl picked up in the nineties. Now she prototypes her UX work using the Dell Sherpa framework.
  • A summa cum laude degree in psychology with heavy concentrations in biology and computer science.  Someday she'll get the neuroscience/A.I. PhD of her dreams.
  • Writing.  Alex's first job out of high school was journalist/photographer. She's written and edited technical documents, advertising, marketing, academic publications, training, and informational and positional papers, and worked in content strategy off and on since 1998. She has also presented extensively. Alex has two published (and paid!) fiction shorts. There will be more.




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