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Artemy Malkov


CEO, InspiRational

Location: San Francisco


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Artemy (Timmy in short) is an expert in lean product management and community management. He coined the concept of Customer Value Stream for Lean Startup product management, representing User Experience while using a product as a stream of interactions between the user and the product. He also introduced the idea of Customer Hit Points as a measure of user satisfaction. If product confuses or disapoints the user thoughtout the using experience, the customer looses his HitPoints and most likely to drop out. If product delivers value, Customer HitPoints increase and keep user satisfied or even delighted. The big idea is that as a product owner you should check every step of user experience in the Stream trying to keep user satisfied or happy and repair broken parts of the Stream reducing bounce rate, churn and frustration of the user.

Work experience

InspiRational, CEO
April 2013 - Present, San Francisco, CA, United States
CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer

FlexisUS, CEO
December 2009 - Present, San Jose, CA, United States
Founder and CEO


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