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Software Developer, Terracotta

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada


Certified ScrumMaster


Anthony Dahanne is a software engineer since 2005, when he graduated from ENSEA.
From 2005 to today, he's been working on several projects, mainly as a Java / JEE developer.
Among his assignements, he has been working as a JEE software developer on a Scrum project involving Hibernate tuning, Spring, Fit, maven 2, Hudson, and, Test Driven Development.

Today he is working on Java open source projects such as Quartz Scheduler and EhCache for Terracotta as a software developer.

He obtained the Scrum Master Certification in June 2009, attending Jeff Mc Jenna’s training.

You can check out Anthony Dahanne's blog or Anthony Dahanne's LinkedIn profile.


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