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Adrian Carr


Software Developer, The Whitestone Group

Location: Knoxville, TN



Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Knoxville


Adrian Carr is the founder and organizer for Agile Knoxville. He works as a web software developer at The Whitestone Group in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Prior to that, he was the Director of Software Development at Voices Heard Media, on a team that develops user-friendly web applications.The highlight of his time at Voices Heard Media was when a project manager at Disney said: "You guys set the standard for software development" while visiting Disney headquarters near Los Angeles, CA.

Before working at Voices Heard Media, he was a software engineer and Scrum Master at Jewelry Television. He also worked at Alltel Information Systems (later purchased by Fidelity National Financial) on large financial loan origination software packages. Every project he ever worked on at Alltel/Fidelity was carefully detailed, planned, and charted, but very late and over budget with unhappy customers.

After working with Scrum, Adrian is passionate about agile software development, lean principles, and company culture. In an effort to share the knowledge and passion of agile, he started and runs Agile Knoxville, which meets regularly to share agile experiences and further agile practices.

Adrian also blogs sometimes at


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