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Mapping and Costing Technical Debt

07/31/2014 by Glenn Bowering

Power Play

07/30/2014 by Mani Khanuja

The project manager in Scrum

An Insight into Joint Retrospectives

07/29/2014 by Madhavi Ledalla

Do's and Don'ts of Agile Retrospectives

07/28/2014 by Hesham Amin

Tips for healthier retrospectives

Independent QA or Integrated QA?

07/28/2014 by Ravishankar N

How a QA organization could align and work with Scrum teams

Non-IT Kanban Implementation at Scale

07/25/2014 by Gene Gendel

Let's Stop "Adopting" Agile and Start Becoming Agile

07/25/2014 by Ashok Singh,Brian "Ponch" Rivera

Agility that makes you happy

Scrum Without a ScrumMaster

07/24/2014 by Saravana Bharathi

Baked-in Virtues versus the Zombie Apocalypse

07/24/2014 by William Nicolich

A reminder of how good practices that are baked into a process get mangled in the real world